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Head Coach Mike Vrabel


On how much the game's result was about the Eagles now being 11-1 versus the Titans needing to be better:

"I think it's always about the Titans needing to be better. But, it is a good football team. When you make mistakes, know that any margin of error against a good football team is going to come back to hurt you. So it's probably a little bit of both."

On considering another option at left tackle:

"We'll consider everything we possibly can to win a game, [ESPN Reporter] Turron [Davenport]."

On the struggles of the Titans' offensive line:

"We struggled everywhere today. You're at the game – everybody is quick to make it about one guy, but it's never about one guy. We've been down this road before, so when you get beat, there's a lot of things that went wrong. Certainly, we'll have to look at a bunch of different things."

On whether he was scared for Titans QB Ryan Tannehill:

"You have to understand how critical it is to protect your quarterback. When the quarterback gets hit, nothing good can come of it. But we also have to be able to get open. There were times that we had some protection, and the protection was good, but then when you get down and behind late in the game, it becomes a drop-back game, that is certainly not where you want to live against a team that has some of the rushers that they do."

On the solutions for drop-back situations:

"Making sure that we protect him, making sure that we use our chip help, and making sure we're giving opportunity for the quarterback to progress through."

On whether he is concerned about Titans RB Derrick Henry being worn down:


On whether it hurt the passing game when Titans WR Treylon Burks went out:

"Well, I think it probably affected it. We had four wide receivers available for the game, so we lost one and that kind of put us into a little bit of a – but we have to be prepared and use some 12-personnel. And we had [Titans WR] C.J. [Board] in there."

On the toughness Titans WR Treylon Burks showed in that catch and how he has responded:

"I think he's doing okay from what I've seen. I wasn't able to see him at halftime or talk to him after the game, but we expect that from challenges because I know what he's capable of. It's unfortunate that he couldn't finish the game."

On how Titans General Manager Jon Robinson's trade of Eagles WR A.J. Brown was in the best interest of the team:

"It's not about [Eagles WR] A.J. [Brown]. A.J. had a good game. We can't give up big plays on defense. We tried to make them earn it coming into the game, and clearly we weren't able to."

On how they were doing well at keeping teams from making big passing points against them but seems like it's been happening more the last couple games:

"Was that a question or was that a comment?"

A comment.

"Good, you made a great comment."

On whether there is any reason that's happening more often:

"Yeah, they made plays. We didn't affect the quarterback. And again, they were able to come down with some plays down the field on some 50-50 balls. I thought early we tried to cage [Eagles QB Jalen Hurts] and make him throw from the pocket to his second read and he was able to work the vertical game so I think we started to rush a little bit. We affected him at times just not clearly enough."

On whether Titans WR Treylon Burks is less likely to get that pass interference call if he turns his head:

"Yeah, you get a lot more leeway when you are playing the football, when you are looking back. Again, when you are not playing the football, we've known for a lot of years that any contact is really going to be exaggerated which it should be. So we have to play the football. We have to be able to be in phase and turn around and try to play the football and then they are going to give you probably a little bit more leeway."

On the pass interference call on Titans CB Kristian Fulton:

"Yeah, I have to look at the tape but my guess it was a double move. Kristian had right to the space. Again, this crew is from all over. They just put this crew together today so I don't know. I just know that I hear what they tell me sometimes about, 'Yeah, the [defensive back] has right to that space.' Did he take a charge? I don't know. Again, is he coming in from the side or do we have that space and then we are entitled to the space. I couldn't tell and didn't see enough from the replay."

On whether he asked them about that:

"It's over with. What did they call it, illegal contact?"

Yeah, illegal contact.


On why they just ended up putting the crew together:

"I don't know. Again, these are all great questions. You can go ask, get the pool reporter, whoever that is, and go ask. I don't know."

On Eagles QB Jalen Hurts tonight:

"He had a very good year coming in. And again, he can scramble, throw from the pocket. He did a nice job from the pocket and was able to make it difficult. So we stopped the run game and just weren't able to make them earn it down the field."

On whether he is concerned about losing two weeks in a row up front on both sides:

"I'm just concerned when we lose. I'm disappointed for the players when we lose."

On how confident he is that they can regain their footing once they get healthy:

"I think we are at a crossroads. I told the team I think we are at a crossroads at kind of how we want to continue down this season. We can't point fingers. We have to assume that each and every one of us didn't do a good enough job because we didn't. We have to come to work with greater energy and greater resolve to prepare to win a football game against a division opponent. It sucks losing, it sucks getting beat the way we did but we have to make a decision, how much are we willing to invest and trust in what the coaches are doing, trust in what each of the players are doing. I think it's a critical time for us."

On whether he thinks the state of the standings has anything to do with that and being in a safe, secure position:

"I've never been safe or secure in anything that I did or wanted to try to ever take that approach. I hope the team hasn't, you know what I mean? Coming on the road to the best team in the National Football League, like I hope we didn't take a safe approach. We just have to coach better and have to play better. We have to make some decisions and see what we can do to win a football game."

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