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Head Coach Mike Vrabel


Q. What happened at the beginning of the game?

Mike Vrabel: Well, we just didn't get off to the start we wanted to. Everything that we talk about in trying to start the game off – get the first first down, get into drives, everything that we preach and teach and try to execute – it just wasn't there. Like it is on a lot of things, it's one guy here, one penalty here, and it comes down to us playing much more complementary in every phase. It just felt like we were three groups that were independent of each other, not working together. I have to figure that out here quickly to make sure that all three phases are complementary of each other and we're finding ways to capitalize on turnovers, taking care of the football, running it, and making sure we're finding ways to affect their quarterback and not allow them be so efficient.

Q. Playing complementary was your big offseason focus. That's the first thing you told us in the spring, that these guys were going to understand each other and play together --

Mike Vrabel: Well, they're groups, they're units. I mean, again, we all have offseason objectives. This is what happens in the National Football League when you don't play well. Told the team, told you guys, we'll find out what our culture looks like this week and when we wake up in the morning and see the guys that want to come to work and guys that want to figure out a way to try to win a football game.

Q. (Question concerning the offensive line for the Titans.)

Mike Vrabel: I mean, that's what this game comes down to, one-on-one. And, you know, we'll have to identify what the issues were. We'll watch the tape, we'll correct, we'll coach, and we'll teach. And we'll have to practice. That's what happens. And, you know, they were clearly better. They clearly were better coached and they played better.

Q. (Question concerning the flea flicker play.)

A. We were trying to do something. We took a chance there and, you know, we walked out onto the field, which, you know, was frustrating and you can't capitalize on that. Those are things -- I mean, the flea flicker, well timed, well executed. There just wasn't enough of it. There wasn't enough. We played well on defense and, you know, the quarterback on third and 10, we got pressure and, you know, run for -- run around and complete a pass. Again, that's just the guy making a play. I mean, it wasn't poor effort, poor execution. I mean, we got him moving. Again, the guy made a play. But that just seemed like that's how it was. We got a turnover. Just too little, too late.

Q. (Question concerning the Titans' preparation.)

Mike Vrabel: Well, I don't obviously think there's a -- and when you go into it, you don't think that there's, you know, an issue in preparation. I mean, again, they may have ran a few plays that we didn't show them in practice out of the plays that they had schemed or fronts on defense that we hadn't seen. You get out there and it's critical that everybody's on the same page. And, you know, attitude, I mean, I hope that we have an attitude that is ready to compete and not just think that we can just show up in this league. This is a great league. It doesn't matter where you came from, where you're drafted, how expensive your suit is or what kind of car you drive, you've got to prove it on the field.

Q. What made Chandler Jones such a problem today?

Mike Vrabel: I mean, he's a -- Chandler Jones has been a problem for a lot of years. And he's a good player. You've got to make a decision where you're going to put people and allocate them. And so, we'll have to look at that and see those matchups. But give him a lot of credit, he's been a really good player for a lot of time and years.

Q. How disappointing is this overall?

Mike Vrabel: Completely, Joe. You know, it's disappointing when you lose, it's disappointing when you lose at home. It's a long season. It's a long season. You know, you play like that, there should be no shock. We shouldn't have to look too long and hard why we lost the game. There's a lot of reasons. It's out there. And I'm confident that we'll bounce back and we'll be ready to compete this week. And I'm confident of that. I am. But it's unfortunate. It is disappointing. There was no other way to put it. It sucks when you lose, sucks when you get your ass kicked. All the credit to Kliff and his staff and those players. You know, they beat us and outcoached us.

Q. It felt like you guys finally found a resolution to the kicking situation, and then Sam goes on IR.

Mike Vrabel: That's how it goes. You've got to be ready to adjust and make some decisions. Like you said, we put Sam on IR. Michael was here. We'll reevaluate that position here in the morning.

Q. Is there something to be said, Mike, about the lack of time the offense has spent together?

Mike Vrabel: There's a million excuses, John. I'm not going to make any. I refuse to. I hope that the players don't. I mean, there was a million excuses that we can write about. The only thing that we need to focus on is when we wake up tomorrow morning, that we're ready to go to work and we're ready to improve and quit, you know, thinking about being good. We've got to go be good. We got to prepare and coach to win a game.

Q. Did you consider taking Ryan out after the beating he was taking?

A. You know, there was -- once we started getting in there -- you know, late there, I did. I thought we could move down and when we didn't score, we were going to run the ball off at the end there. So, you know, there was a lot of things that we considered at that point and time.

Q. Late in the second, Mike, did you consider going for it on the fourth and one?

Mike Vrabel: Well, we were trying to get some points. And, you know, again, if we can sit there and have a crystal ball to know that we were going to not make the field goal, trying to get it to 15 points, trying to get it to a legitimate two-score game at halftime, and we missed the kick. Made a decision, and we missed the kick. There's nothing you can do about it after you decide to go for it, except try to come back out in the second half and get some stops and try to score.

Q. (Question concerning A.J. Brown and Julio Jones working together.)

Mike Vrabel: You know, there were plays we tried to get for those guys early in the year. And when they get targeted, doesn't necessarily mean that there are plays that are called for them. You understand that? But I'm with you. We have to find A.J., and Julio has got to take advantage of his opportunities. We had some drops. You know, he dropped some passes. Those are contested catches, but those are the ones that we have to come up with.

Q. Is there a better way you guys can prepare to go against a jitterbug like Kyler Murray, especially considering next week against Russell Wilson?

Mike Vrabel: I mean, what -- if you can tell me a way to prepare for five guys chasing after one, with five guys blocking -- you know what I mean? What are you going to do? Like, he made a play. We're chasing it, the depth, we got him off the spot, he plants his back foot. You know, at some point and time, you've got to think that these guys are – and he's an exceptional player and he made a play. We can try and prepare and we can chase a jitterbug around in practice and think that, but he made a play. And that's unfortunate on third and 10. I'm not going to take anything away from him. We executed the rush, came back the next time, he didn't take off and tried to step up. And Jeff (Simmons) came around when he was supposed to come and he got a sack. So I don't know if Kyler knows where he's going. He's just going and being a natural athlete. So, again, I'll give all the credit to them, their players, and their coaching staff. Thanks, guys.

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