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Head Coach Mike Vrabel


MIKE VRABEL: There will be some good plays in there and certainly ones in there that we have to eliminate that are getting us beat.

MIKE VRABEL: We all saw the replay. I mean, he knees him. But hey, they are going to get the second guy. So that's what I've told them for five-and-a-half years now; they have to catch the second -- that hasn't changed.

I think we are always going to hang our hat on: We have to be better in the red zone, try to get these, guys.

We need to get home and get back to work and figure out how we improve.

Q. Six games in, 11 games left, coming up to the bye. What do you tell guys at this juncture?

MIKE VRABEL: I'm not going come up with that five minutes after this game. I'm going to get home and try to get these guys as healthy as possible. Figure out who needs what here in the next couple days. Some guys will need recovery. Some guys will need reps. Some guys will need to go and practice. Everybody is going to be in a different category.

Q. The wildcat play in the first half, what happened there? Was that an execution issue or a misunderstanding of the rules?

MIKE VRABEL: We had a guy go down, and wanted to try to -- thought that that play was going to help us, and Nick was just a little too close to, I guess, to the guy on the line of scrimmage. Nick reported eligible, and a little too tight.

Q. Regardless of Ryan's health, any point you might consider looking at Malik or Will?

MIKE VRABEL: I would consider anything that could help us win right now, and that's quarterback, you know, everything, you know what I mean. But I wouldn't say that that would be something that -- let's find out what's going on with Ryan.

Q. (inaudible):

MIKE VRABEL: You just have to ask him. Whatever we wear, we have to execute and do our job, whether we wear gloves, whether we ware cleats, turf shoes, long-sleeve shirt, tape, no tape. Like, this is pro football. We've got to go out there and execute with whatever we wear.

Q. (inaudible):

MIKE VRABEL: The last couple drives, yeah, we're throwing the football. We're down 11 points and you know, we threw to Tyjae and got it down there.

So you guys don't see a lot of us but Derrick's very critical to our success, and when we have success, he helps us in the run game, he helps us in play-action pass. But when we get into those two-minute hurry-up modes, that's usually going to fall on Tyjae or another player.

So that's kind of where things went with Derrick there at the end of the game.

Q. How did Harold wind up on with Flowers?

MIKE VRABEL: The quarterback, probably five or six seconds into the play. Playing Cover 4 down there. And he's out there standing there. It wasn't like he was running a go ball.

Q. Chris after the hit, how is he doing?

MIKE VRABEL: Need to check in on him. Saw him afterwards but have to go check on him right now.

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