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Head Coach Mike Vrabel


Q. The offense wasn't moving particularly fast on the last possession. What was the thinking in terms of the pace?

MIKE VRABEL: We wanted to get into a right – you know, I don't think the pace had anything to do with it. I think it was the execution and being able to execute. We had two timeouts. The thought process was, get a first down and get to the 35-yard line where we needed to be to make a kick. Wished we would've been able to convert to third down and call a timeout.

Q. It takes so much to get through regular season. How tough is game like this?

MIKE VRABEL: I mean, it's the same thing you always say: 31 teams are going to be pissed off. You don't show up to the stadium planning postgame conversations with your team about losing and about having the finality of the season and about when you're going to meet and all those things. So, it's disappointing because I know they fight and they compete, and I know that whoever does that again next year for us will do the same thing.

Q. Two years in a row home game in the playoffs, good setting, and you don't get the quarterback play that's required to win a game. What did you think of what Ryan did?

MIKE VRABEL: Well, I don't think Ryan (Tannehill) or myself or anybody did enough to win the game. That's how it goes. It's never going to be about one person, not as long as I'm the head coach, which will be a while. So, it'll never be about one person. We have to play better, get open, not fall down. Defense has got to get some turnovers. But we can't turn the ball over, we know that. We can't get stopped on downs. Those are all the things we talk about and reasons why you lose. Our third-down conversion wasn't good enough, our ability to score touchdowns in the red zone, but we all have to play better, we have to coach better.

Q. When you guys were driving early in the fourth, you had a third-and-one; is that a read option play that Ryan (Tannehill) has a choice?

MIKE VRABEL: It was a third-and-one play that Ryan (Tannehill) has a choice, and we have run a lot of those successfully.

Q. You mentioned you didn't have a plan of what you were going to say to your team thinking the season was going to be over, but you've always said how proud you are of how your guys have played. For you as the head coach of this team, what are you feeling now?

MIKE VRABEL: I'm disappointed for them because I think they all believed obviously that we would win the game, that we were just getting started, that this was a second season, that the preparation and everything that we put into it was there. The execution wasn't. It's disappointing, but always hurt a lot more for them than I will myself. It's just how I've chosen to do this thing.

Q. When the preparation is there and the execution is not, when you start to look at it, where do you start?

MIKE VRABEL: Not five minutes after the game.

Q. Was the last pick, was that too risky of a throw by Ryan (Tannehill)? Should he have not thrown it to that space?

MIKE VRABEL: Just didn't make the play.

Q. How surprising is it to get nine sacks and that not be good enough to win a game?

MIKE VRABEL: Because you guys -- last year you talked about all the sacks we didn't have, and you guys somehow think that sacks lead to victories. They're great. Talk about how many we had this year, but I like turnovers and interceptions and caused fumbles. Maybe we had too many sacks this year.

Q. With the turnovers, was it all Tannehill?

MIKE VRABEL: No, it's never all. Obviously, the guy pulling the trigger is going to get blamed. I mean, that's just what happens. But we all have to do a better job of taking care of the football. Ryan (Tannehill), nobody feels worse than Ryan does. You know, there were some contact, and, I mean, on the last one it's like, where would you want him to put the ball any differently, in a better spot? So, they let them play, and that's how it goes.

Q. As far as the slow start on offense to start the game, what went wrong? After the first play, the interception.

MIKE VRABEL: After that, I thought we had some good plays. Got into some drives, just didn't finish.

And then when on the ball, and I felt like that helped. Had too many third-and-longs probably.

Q. What was your thinking on that two-point conversion?

MIKE VRABEL: Try to score from a yard.

Q. (No microphone.)

MIKE VRABEL: In hindsight I wish they wouldn't have intercepted the ball. You guys make a living out of second guessing, we don't. You know, guys ought to live that life. It's a lot more interesting life. It's unfortunate. You call some runs, you call some passes, but to stand here and say, 'Well, if we wouldn't have or if we only could have,' like we went with the call, and unfortunately it was intercepted. It's just -- we can't live like that. We can't coach like that and you can't play the game like that. You have to get the call, go out and get the check if the quarterback makes a check, and go play.

Q. Did you telegraph it a little or did the guy just make a great play?

MIKE VRABEL: I mean, I don't know. I'll to have to take a look at the film and try and help you out.

Q. How did Derrick (Henry) do today?

MIKE VRABEL: I think he came out OK. There were probably some runs he would like to have back and a lot of blocking that could be better, but we did get into a flow of running the football and then they loaded up, and they did a good job. Some guys that were in there grinding away on the run, and we know how hard it is to run against some of those D-linemen they have.

Q. How disappointing is this loss considering the resiliency and toughness you guys have showed all year?

MIKE VRABEL: Any time you lose it's going to be disappointing. I love the way they fight. I embrace the way they compete and find way to get us in ball games. Just tonight we were on the wrong side of a tight game.

Q. Will you have the final team meeting tomorrow?

MIKE VRABEL: No. I don't think we should rush in there tomorrow. If anybody wants to leave they're more than welcome to leave, but we're going to meet on Monday.

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