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Head Coach Mike Vrabel


Q. You don't like the turnovers. How hard is it to win a game where you have three turnovers?

COACH VRABEL: Almost impossible. I would say almost impossible to be able to win that way. We had a lot of contributions from guys that we normally – that play for us but don't play quite as much, and so proud of that. But we have to take care -- we've got to find a way to turn the football over, too. That's another thing. It's hard to play that way. And they're playing well and through third down and everything they're playing hard. It's just hard to play defense with playing three games and getting one turnover.

Q. You always talk about finding a way to win, turnovers and lost guys to injury, proud of the win?

COACH VRABEL: Proud of those that stepped up to win, (Breon) Borders, threw it, had (the ball thrown) to him twice, didn't catch a ball, Nick Westbrook(-Ikhine0 going in there. Jeremy (McNichols) with a huge catch, and obviously disappointed with maybe a couple of plays early in the game. But then came back, Pru (MyCole Pruitt) popped in there, had a huge third-down conversion. Could go on and on. And Ola (Adeniyi) and some of these other guys that played for us. And just proud that they know what to do when they go in there they try to play fast and aggressive.

Q. Decision there, go for two when you did?

COACH VRABEL: Try to go up two scores, you know? Try to make it nine, right?

Q. Was that an easy decision there, or is that one you had to really think about?

COACH VRABEL: You don't have a whole lot of time -- we were thinking about going for it. We thought if we scored we were going to go for two there.

Q. After that (inaudible) 59-yard, how critical was that?

COACH VRABEL: Well, we battled and these guys, I give them a lot of credit. This is not an easy team. They don't go away. They've got great character. Very aware of that. Talked about that all week. That they weren't going to go away and they were going to compete and fight. And so I give our guys credit. I like to think that's who we are too.

Q. Ryan Tannehill like down two or three receivers, he's still able to steer you guys to the win there?

COACH VRABEL: He made some plays with his legs today. Made some really huge plays with his legs. And that four-minute play on the edge there for him to get the first down, to give himself up in-bounds, really impressive. And that's why you win, because you've planned those and you've talked about them and communicated, and ultimately the players go out and execute on the field.

Q. Julio Jones, what happened down the stretch to be without him?

COACH VRABEL: I think as this thing played out, tried to manage where he's at and understand that what the type of game that we thought the end of the game was going to be. And those guys were going in there trying to dig safeties out. We'll keep looking at those guys, and there's a lot of guys that are going to need some rest this week. A lot of guys. They played a hard, physical game. And hopefully we can be ready to go when we head up to New York.

Q. How important was it that Ola (Adeniyi) and (Harold) Landry were able to win off the edge quite a few times, even under duress?

COACH VRABEL: Yeah, it would be great. It's called pass rush. Go back -- pass rush experts. You guys should be able to identify that pretty well. Good to have guys winning.

Q. Earlier in the week you talked about how still how to manage Bud (Dupree), but what went into that today?

COACH VRABEL: Unavailable. Was there for an emergency.

Q. (Inaudible) anything with the shoulder?

COACH VRABEL: I think we have to use great decision. I think Ryan (Tannehill), just got to use great decisions. That's what I told him.

Q. Do you think it hurt him on the deep shot?

COACH VRABEL: I don't remember what it was.

Q. Did Julio suffer something new today or was that?

COACH VRABEL: Again, we've been through these with players and their health. Trying to manage the season, the way the game was going, we felt it was best to do.

Q. Can you talk a little bit more about the contribution you saw from those guys stepping up; is that something that (inaudible) especially against a division?

COACH VRABEL: Whether it's Dane (Cruikshank) going in there for the first time, Elijah Molden playing, Ola (Adeniyi), Tory Carter got his first action. Just some guys that maybe you hadn't heard of and that aren't household names, but guys that we have confidence in. They're on the roster. We have confidence in them that they can go out there and do their job and execute and help us win, and that's going to be from now until certainly the end of this season. As long as we're here, we're going to believe in that because that's what happens. It's a long season. Things come up. Things happen. Guys are unavailable. And then all of a sudden they're back in and then they're down. So everybody just has to be ready to go and be able to understand the gameplan and what's going to be asked of them.

Q. On the give-aways, Mike, either today or overall the preweek?

COACH VRABEL: Threw it into a pep rally, tried to catch it with our shoulder pads and then the second guy coming in on Nick (Westbrook-Ikhine).We've got to take care of the football and figure out a way to take it away. There's some techniques. There's some decisions that go into these things and there's some technique that's involved.

Q. A long season. How important to win, get to 2-1 and put them 0-3 early?

COACH VRABEL: Very important. Finally got a little bit of momentum coming back here from Seattle, back at home, division. Can put some space in between us and them and obviously take a look, see where Jacksonville and Houston are. But these games are difficult. These games are tough against Indianapolis. And give them a lot of credit, but I felt like our guys were better in the end.

Q. Did you expect to see Wentz today, any preparation (inaudible)?

COACH VRABEL: We're just going to be ready for whoever is on their roster. They felt like he could go. But we had prepared for, I guess, all three. We're going to probably do similar stuff. They've got a couple of loose plays, but we've got to be better on some screens and a few plays, but I felt like they played hard. I felt they did a nice job on third down.

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