Head Coach Kliff Kingsbury


Coach, did you get out of here relatively healthy, which I'm sure is your number goal at this point?

It was, yeah, I think pretty much Sean (Harlow) had somewhat of a nick possibly so we'll see how he did but other than that seems like it was (inaudible) injury-wise.

You've talked so many times about Andy (Isabella) and Greg (Dortch), they just seemed to have another nice day. Now that we've gotten at the end of this, did they change your perception of them from the beginning of camp till the end or is this just what you were kind of expecting?

Yeah, I'd say I've always had a tremendous amount of respect for both of those guys and how they play the game, how they work. But I thought that they attacked this camp, and they didn't take a day off and they didn't take a rep off, both of them, every day, full speed and you see the results. They're going into other competition and I can't say enough good things about how they played this camp.

Are you…do you have a lot of discussions that still have to take place?

We do, we do. Yeah, over the next 24-48 hours, we have a bunch of discussions. There's some deep runs. We're going to make some tough decisions and see how it all plays out.

Where's Colt McCoy in terms of…I know that he was dressed for warm-ups and he's throwing a little bit more. Are you comfortable with him going into the season?

I am. We hope to get him out there somewhat next week in a limited manner. And then on game week I expect him to be full go.

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