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Head Coach David Culley


(opening statement)

COACH CULLEY: First of all, it's good to come back home and have a win. I have a few family members down here, a brother and sister. But more importantly than that, all they wanted me to do was just get a win. And we hadn't had one in a while. We got the win. It feels good.

Q. What does it mean to get five turnovers in the second game in a row?

COACH CULLEY: When you do that and you don't turn it over, which we didn't do today, first time in a while, there's a pretty good chance you'll have a chance to win the ball game.

Q. One more thing about game balls?

COACH CULLEY: We didn't give out any game balls today. We ain't won enough ball games to get any game balls. The whole team would get a game ball if we had won the game. No game ball for me.

Q. (Inaudible)?

COACH CULLEY: That's the thing about it, when you have mobile quarterbacks. They basically have everything covered down the field, and when they got covered down the field there's nobody assigned to him. When you're mobile like he is, you get those kinds of plays. He actually did it a couple other times to get us some positive yardage when we could have gotten negative yardage on the play.

Q. You talked about (indiscernible), the interception (inaudible)?

COACH CULLEY: You know he played consistent today. He's a tough football player. I mean a guy plays hard all the time. He did his job today. He was in position. And he got in position and got a chance to make some plays.

Q. (Inaudible)?

COACH CULLEY: We were trying to do the same thing we were doing that we were doing before that. It wasn't no stall. We just didn't do very good in those three series.

Q. What was your reaction to (inaudible)?

COACH CULLEY: Hold onto the ball.

Q. What did it feel like?

COACH CULLEY: It's been a long time since we felt that. It's tough to win in this league no matter who you play. We tell our guys this: At this point in the season records don't matter. Records do not matter.

When you play in this league in the National Football League and you go out and you get five turnovers and you don't turn the ball over, it doesn't matter who you play. You're going to have a pretty good chance to win a football game.

Q. The rain, how much was that an issue?

COACH CULLEY: The rain wasn't an issue. We didn't turn the ball over at all. They did a great job protecting the football. I think the thing about us protecting the football is I thought our offensive line and our defensive line today got our guys to the line of scrimmage, and our backs aren't fumblers. They always protect the football. We didn't run the ball as well as we'd like to run the ball today. We've still got improvement there. Obviously having Tyrod (Taylor)'s legs helps us do that. But we're still not where we need to be running the football.

Q. (Inaudible)?

COACH CULLEY: He does a good job. Rex (Burkhead) is a good football player that is always going to get the ball down hill. There was that one play where he slipped. Other than that one play, he's always going to get you a zero or a plus play. And it's important when you have backs that do that.

But our line did a great job of making sure that he got to the line of scrimmage and our other backs are doing the same thing.

Q. (Inaudible)?

COACH CULLEY: I'm not sure how serious it is.

Q. What does it mean to have a few guys out and still have a performance like that?

COACH CULLEY: Well, I mean, it's that scheme. We're ten games into it now. Those guys, we've moved guys around all year long trying to find that right combination. And those guys now for the last two, three weeks have been playing the same guys, playing together. And they're starting to do the right things. When you do that you have a chance, and you do what we did today. You get turnovers.

Unfortunately, we gave up a couple of big plays that we didn't want to give up today that could have put us in a bad situation. But they come back around and end up getting the turnover.

Q. What about the turnover, the interception (inaudible)?

COACH CULLEY: You know, we felt like we needed points for sure. We knew if we got points, if I remember correctly, it may have been -- it's a two-score ball game.

Q. Up to six?

COACH CULLEY: Up to six? I'm not sure which one you're talking about. In the very first half? I'd have to look and see. I can't remember that situation.

Q. The passing game, (indiscernible) what does it feel like, the run game, sharper?

COACH CULLEY: Well, the good thing, all I wanted to see him do was don't throw it to the other team. He didn't do it that today. When he doesn't do that, we have a chance to win. Do we need to be better and more consistent at throwing it? Yes, we do. Same thing with our run game, but the big thing is you'll have a chance as long as you protect the football. He did that today.

Q. (Inaudible) what does this do?

COACH CULLEY: It's not just the back end of the season. It's the next game. When we came off the Bye Week, all we wanted to do was take it one game at a time. The only opponent that we were concerned about was the Tennessee Titans. And after 24 hours a day, when we enjoy this one here, it's on to the Jets. And it's just winning, just winning in this league. That's our job. That's what we play for. And we got seven more to go and basically the only one that matters is the Jets coming up. I believe that's who we play.

Q. The neutral zone violation there, the sack (indiscernible) for Ross (Blacklock). Talk about his performance.

COACH CULLEY: Well, when you get two offsides that's not very good. We talked about, last night in our meeting, about offensively not getting false starts going from first-and-ten to first-and-15. Also talked about on defense going from first-and-ten to first-and-five. When you do that, that puts you – they get momentum. That puts us in a tough situation. First of all, we got to be able to eliminate those kinds of mistakes. But he plays hard. He plays hard all the time. But he's got to learn to be able to stay on side.

Q. He played a good game.

COACH CULLEY: He played a good game.

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