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Head Coach Bruce Arians

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Saturday, Aug. 21, 2021

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Opening Statement

"Like every game, you always go out there to win but I was very disappointed in the start again. Dropped passes – we threw the ball in this game because we ran so much during the week. I just wanted to evaluate quarterbacks and offensive linemen in the passing game more than I did the running game. There wasn't much emphasis on the running game in this one. Again, too many dropped passes to start ball games – that kills drives. Defensively, I thought we had a really good start to the game in the trenches and then as the reserves started coming in we misfit a couple runs. Overall, you grade the tape. You either get exposed or exposure. Some guys really stepped up. Pat O'Connor showed, Grant [Stuard] showed a little bit, Dee Delaney showed a little bit. Not too many guys offensively. Cyril [Grayson] showed up a little bit having been hurt all week with an injury. We'll grade the tape and see who really played on special teams. Obviously,

[Bradley] Pinion made that field goal in practice a bunch so it was like alright let's see if he can make it in a game – he shit the bed too."

(On DL Khalil Davis)

"He made a couple of plays. He showed up. Really didn't see him on special teams but he had one sack and a couple of pressures."

(On TE O.J. Howard having some drops)

"Not concerning because he came back and caught the ball on some grimier ones, but those were easy ones. He's made those in practice and there's a time when you have to switch gloves when they get too wet. I think the one just squirted through him hands but after that he caught everything. It's not concerning."

(On OLB Joe Tryon-Shoyinka standing out)

"I don't have to say any more about Joe. He does what he does."

(On if usual starters will play a half this preseason)

"Yeah, they're going a half next week because we're going so long before we play. I mean, we can't go against Dallas, who is really good, and all of a sudden play game speed. We better have some game speed under our belt before we show up against the Cowboys."

(On if the return game improved over last week)

"Not really. Jaelon [Darden] made a couple of guys miss on the one but we're still not blocking very well. We handled the gunners really well, but I mean the vices they won. Our inside guys didn't hold up well enough and our kickoff returns, we're not blocking anybody. That's where I'm most frustrated to see these young guys improving and they're not doing it."

(On QB Kyle Trask)

"It's a learning experience. Kyle has a long time to grow."

(On if any players solidified a roster spot in this game)

"Yeah, I mean, there's one or two guys. Grant [Stuard] made a couple of plays. He might have made it. I know Pat [O'Connor] made it in this game because he just did it. Whether Khalil [Davis] has enough on tape, there're guys fighting for jobs that showed up in this game. The scoreboard doesn't show it but I'm not looking at the score – I'm looking at individuals."

(On players who are benefitting from preseason games)

"Guys like Tyler Johnson, Ke'Shawn Vaughn, Scotty [Miller] – all of those young receivers and tight ends. Our offensive line, the ones that played, [Alex] Cappa got some tonight and he just needs the reps. Everybody's benefitting."

(On if the starters got more out of the joint practice with the Titans than if they had played in the game)

"Oh, there's no doubt. There's no doubt. We got a lot of really, really good work on Wednesday and Thursday. There was no need for them to hit again tonight."

(On the Titans being a good team)

"Yeah, they're a playoff team. They're a good football team. I like the way we practiced against them Thursday."

(On how to help players improve catching the football)

"That's individual. That's individual. O.J [Howard] stays on the JUGS machine so that's not helping him. The JUGS is just more confidence building for when you're standing still and catching a ball. It's not what you're doing when you are playing, it's running and catching a ball. You just have to make the plays. Like I said, if it was Mike [Evans], Chris [Godwin], [Antonio Brown] then I would worry about it. O.J's shaking off a hell of a lot rust."

(On having no injuries during the game)

"As far as I know, yeah. As far as I know we can out pretty clean."

(On the officials explanation to him on TE Tanner Hudson's fumble)

"I left that up to New York, man. I have no comment."

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