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Head Coach Andy Reid


OPENING STATEMENT: "Ok, we really don't have a lot of injuries to talk about. Deon Bush tweaked his left knee a little bit, but not too bad. And Jaylen Watson really just got face planted in the dirt and got dirt in his eyes. Everything worked out ok. All in all, listen, we appreciate our fans and the great job they did tonight. They were right with us the whole way. (I) appreciated the way the defense played. We were bringing it, bringing it, bringing it and they tuned it up the whole second half – I thought, really, did a nice job. And then offensively, the guys battled. We're fortunate to have Pat (Mahomes) and (Travis) Kelc(e). That continuity between those two is something – it amazes me every chance to watch that. And then – listen, I can go back through – the main thing was we won a game that we were behind a bit, it was a struggle, we were up and down, and the guys all hung together. And you got to win this, you got to be able to do this. So, we accomplished that. With that, time's yours."

Q: On Patrick Mahomes' run on third-and-17. How much did you feel that changed the game at that point?

REID: "Yeah, Vahe (Gregorian), that was a good one. They turned their back on him – they were playing man coverage. And so, they turned their back and he made some things happen – that and the two-point play, I'll tell you, were nice jobs. (A) couple of the catches that Kelc had, Noah (Gray) had a couple of things for us."

Q: When a game is sort of like that, do you need a moment or two like that that just sort of reverses things?

REID: "Yeah because everything wasn't smooth. Right? It was up and down. So, you've got to persevere through that – the lows. And then, somebody's got to step up and make a play, that's what has to happen."

Q: What did you think of your offensive line tonight?

REID: "Yeah, Sam (McDowell), I thought in the pass game we were pretty good. I thought – we had 91 plays, I think he threw at least half of them, right? So I thought, for the most part, they did a good job. That defensive front is something, that's a special group and (Titans Head Coach Mike) Vrabel knows how to use them. That's a dream for a defensive coordinator when you got a bunch like that – and really, they're two-deep there. So, they can roll eight of them out there and keep them fresh."

Q: On your fourth-down attempts that were converted. Take us through your decisions.

REID: "Yeah, I thought it was the right thing to do. I'm glad we made them. Those are always a little bit risky, but I thought it was important for a few reasons. (One,) I thought we could get it. And then two, I remember the last time (we played them)."

Q: On Mahomes throwing almost 70 times. Any doubt in your mind that he wouldn't respond in that type of situation where you relied on him as heavily as you did tonight?

REID: "Yeah, we weren't getting too far with the run game. And so, we thought we needed to throw a little bit. I (saw) him do that in college (laughter) a few times. He did pretty good, but not here (laughs)."

Q: What sort of adjustments did the defense make there at halftime?

REID: "Really, with the exception of the two long runs, I thought they played well the whole time. I just – yeah, he (Titans RB Derrick Henry) got us a couple (of times). He's going to be a future Hall of Famer. He's going to bust a couple on you. So, you just want to make sure number one, you chase him down which we haven't been able to do before. When he busted it, he took it all the way and we were able to catch him. But really, with the exception of those two long ones, they didn't get a whole lot. They've got a young quarterback that I think is going to be a real good one down the road. He did some nice things too. He can run likewise."

Q: What does it say about Mahomes that while you guys are "trudging" a little bit, he's able to turn it on at the end and take the game away?

REID: "Yeah, you have to be able to win a game like that. There's a – where everything just isn't perfect and your emotions are up and down and you got to fight though that, preserver through that and be able to rally, some of these guys step up and rally. We were so close on so many plays, and rather than get frustrated, step up and let's go."

Q: How much admiration do you have for Titans Head Coach Mike Vrabel in the way he's built his team, being able to come in here shorthanded tonight with a quarterback who completes five passes and makes you come from behind in your own stadium?

REID: "Yeah, no. That's right. He and I have been on a coupe of committees together, so I've got to know him and I appreciate him and (I've) played against him with some of the teams I was coaching. He's got tough guys. Some of his toughness is, obviously, been put into his schemes and been put into, incorporated into his players. So, I think he does a heck of a job. (He's a) good football coach."

Q: Take us through your vantage point of the big completion from Mahomes to Travis Kelce in overtime.

REID: "Herbie (Teope) was going to ask that question (laughter). Look, he's shaking his head. Well, I'm sorry, Sam, I wasn't listening to the whole thing, but I presume it's the one where he came back on to grab it. That was a great play. There was nothing – you don't have that part growing up. I thought he did a nice job with it."

Q: What's off with Harrison Butker?

REID: "Yeah, you're going to have one night like that. He battled through it. He ended up winning the game really."

Q: Obviously having some go awry, coming through at the end is something else. I'm sure it's a psychological battle.

REID: "Yeah. And I felt like at the beginning we were kind of, everybody was off just a little bit. Coming off a bye against a team that's won five straight games in a row. I don't really care who's playing quarterback, they just beat a team with the same quarterback, so it's – you got to be sharp. They're coming in with a whole lot of emotion and confidence. And so, you get back in, you got to battle through some things like that."

Q: What did you get out of your return game tonight?

REID: "It was a trick the one to (Justin) Watson. That's a – you saw how he ran back, yeah, that was a little bit of a trick play. But, Mecole (Hardman) did it. Listen, Skyy's (Moore) going to be ok. He's never done it before. We're going to throw you into the National Football League, there's going to be some hiccups there, but he'll be alright. He's still practicing it. He took the, I think, first one up there or so – or at least was back there for it."

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