Green-Beckham Produces Breakout Performance in Win


NASHVILLE, Tenn. —Dorial Green-Beckham stumbled, but he got up.

The Titans believe the way the rookie receiver responded to Sunday's in-game adversity could go a long way in his development.

"That monster came out in him, and everybody finally got to see it,'' receiver Kendall Wright said of Green-Beckham. "And the more his confidence rolls, the more he'll be unstoppable."

Green-Beckham had five catches for 119 yards in a 42-39 win over the Jaguars on Sunday. He provided a highlight-reel play at the start of the fourth quarter when he caught a pass across the middle from quarterback Marcus Mariota, and then raced 47 yards for a touchdown.

What the Titans liked most about it: The play came after Green-Beckham made a big mistake. He let a catchable ball go through his hands earlier, and the pass was instead intercepted.

"I was proud of him,'' Titans coach Mike Mularkey said of Green-Beckham. "After that drop -- it wasn't just a drop, it was a drop for an interception -- you can lose a lot of confidence in yourself. We had a talk almost immediately after the play that we need him the rest of the game. That play is obviously over, in the books, and at some point in the game he is going to have to make a difference in this game for us to win.

"There were about five guys on the sideline I said that to that made mistakes, I felt like you've got to let that thing go and move on, and at some point you will be a difference maker that helps us win the game.''

Wright said he talked to Green-Beckham after the mistakes. So did tight end Delanie Walker.

Their message to him: Keep your head up.

"He's got the physical gift, I hope this game gives him all the confidence in the world, because he can do this week in and week out,'' Mariota said of Green-Beckham. "He did a great job at keeping his head. We didn't say much to him, he was able to keep his cool and was able to make big plays."

Walker said Green-Beckham "responded well."

"You have to encourage him,'' Wright said. "The only thing I said to him is "Let it go, don't think about it. Just keep your eyes on it." I don't he dropped another one. He showed everybody why we got him in the second pick."

On the big play in the fourth quarter, Green-Beckham took a hit after catching the football, just like he knew he would.

But he bounced off, and raced everyone to the end zone.

"I can't let that drop impact me the rest of the game. I have to stay focused,'' Green-Beckham said. "On the touchdown pass I know they were going for a big hit. … I knew I had to make the catch and I knew there was going to be a collision. I had to stay up and try and score and that's what I did today.

"I don't think he realized how big and physical I was, and I wasn't going to go down with one hit."

Green-Beckham, a second round pick by the Titans in the NFL draft, caught five of the six balls thrown his way on Sunday.

His performance topped his previous best game, back on November 8 at New Orleans, when he caught five passes for 77 yards.

Green-Beckham now has 21 catches for 362 yards and three touchdowns on the season. Heading into Sunday's game, Green-Beckham had two catches or fewer in eight of the team's first 11 games.

"The guy has a potential to be a top-5 wide receiver, there is no question,'' tackle Taylor Lewan said. "But potential is potential. He has to do it now. If he buckles down and learns what he has to do consistently, we're going to be all right."

Green-Beckham said Sunday's game should help his confidence even more.

"Overall I would say it's a team effort. I couldn't do it without my teammates,'' he said. "But it felt good. I know next week I have to do the same thing.  I have to keep moving forward."


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