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Gameday Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – The waiting is almost over.

The Titans return to action on Tuesday night at Nissan Stadium against the Buffalo Bills.

We're about to play some football.

But first, here's another edition of the Titans mailbag …

Here's the link to ask questions: CLICK HERE

Daniel Gomez from San Antonio, Texas
What can we expect from Kalif Raymond as far as being part of the offensive game plan?

Jim: Hello Daniel. Well, with Corey Davis and Adam Humphries both on the Reserve/COVID-19 list and out for the game, Kalif is going to have a bigger role. And he's coming off a three-catch, 118-yard game against the Vikings. I can't guarantee the same output on Tuesday night, but he's going to play more snaps than he's played in the past and he's going to get some chances. And how about this Kalif stat: Since the beginning of 2019 (including playoffs), he has 13 receptions for 333 yards—averaging 25.6 yards per reception. That's tops among all players with at least 10 catches. And according to Sportradar, Raymond has the most air yards per reception in that time (min 10 catches).

Sharwin Carter from North Charleston, South Carolina
Are most of our guys such as Darrynton Evans, AJ Brown returning from the injured reserve list and if so are we going to see them in action?

Jim: Hey Sharwin. We got to see Darrynton for the first time vs the Vikings, and I expect to see him back in action tonight. As for A.J., I suspect he's going to be back in action after missing the past two games with a knee injury. He was a full participant in practice over the weekend, which is a good sign.

Sabine Schiff from Mainz, Germany
Hi Jim! Hope you and your loved ones are doing well. Just wanted to introduce to you Germanys two brand new Titans fans, born on September 26th. Babygirl Lara and Babyboy Henry. Yes, named after my favorite Titans Player:-) I really hope … the twins can watch their first football game and see the titans win again. The season just started very good and we really hope it's going to stay that way. Greetings from Germany and Titan Up, Sabine, Timo, Lara, Henry and their sister Lilly.

Jim: Hello Sabine. And Herzliche Glückwünsche!

Luis Sanchez from Weslaco,Tx
With Jeffery Simmons and DaQuan Jones out because of Covid, who is going to replace those two beast in the middle? Our 3 top receivers are also out, do we still have a chance?

Jim: Hello Luis. The good news is DaQuan Jones is back – he was activated on Sunday. But other guys on that defensive line are going to need to step up as well. And, as I mentioned to Sharwin, things are trending in the right direction for A.J. Do the Titans have a chance? Of course.

David Plieth from Nashville, Tennessee
I appreciate you answering question and enjoy your articles. I have one quick question. What is the criteria for coming off the COVID-19 list?

Jim: Hey David. The criteria is different for guys, and it depends on whether they have symptoms, or not.
Some details provided by the NFL and the NFLPA:
Asymptomatic players can't return until:
– 10 days have passed since initial positive test OR
– 5 days have passed since initial positive test AND two consecutive negative tests are completed separated by 24 hours within a five-day period
– Return is approved by team's physician after consulting with ICS and NFL's chief medical officer
Symptomatic players can't return until:
– 10 days have passed since first COVID-19 symptoms appeared
– At least 72 hours have passed since symptoms last occurred
– Return is approved by team's physician after consulting with ICS and NFL's chief medical officer
– Local regulations and requirements are satisfied.

Titans GM Jon Robinson said on Monday some guys have had symptoms, while others haven't. So the timetable is different for players and coaches as the team aims to get as many off the list as quickly as possible.

Bill Camp from Franklin, Tennessee
What year did the Titans first play in their current stadium?

Jim: In 1999, and Nissan Stadium was known as Adelphia Coliseum then.

Kenneth Jones from Bartlett, Tennessee
Will Titans fans be able to finally come back to the Nissan Stadium?

Jim: Hi Kenneth. Yes, they'll be back on Tuesday night. Roughly 12.5 percent of the 69,143-seat venue will be filled with fans, which is approximately 8,600.

Chris Yorkey from Union Springs, New York
Hello Jim. Been reading your threads for years, but first time writing in. Forever fan here in Upstate NY since the Earl Campbell days. Have an interesting observation to share. This weekend will mark the 5th time in a row that we play Buffalo in the month of October...and 3 out of 5 on Columbus weekend (peculiar stat). The last time our Titans won vs Bills was 2012, coincidentally a game I attended in Buffalo. Our Titans have lost the past 3 in a row to these guys. It won't be easy, but let's turn that trend around and keep the undefeated season going!! Thanks for all that you and the gang do for our fan base!!!

Jim: Appreciate it, Chris. It's going to be a challenge for sure. Will it take a miracle? Well …

Héctor Hernández from Teziutlan, Puebla México
Que tal Jim saludos y que esté bien, antes que nada estoy contento por el 3-0 pero al mismo tiempo estoy muy preocupado, la defensa no está jugando nada bien por aire hemos recibido 806 yardas y por tierra 498 yardas y hemos recibido 74 puntos y contra que equipos Broncos, Jags y Vikings ahora se nos vienen tres juegos donde enfrentaremos al primer QB de Elite Big Ben y una defensa muy agresiva luego Bills que está jugando muy bien en ambos lados del balón en seguida un rival divisional como es Texans que si bien su récord es engañoso ya que ha enfrentado a chiefs, ravens y Steelers si los Titans sacan estos tres juegos estaremos para cualquier cosa y se verá el verdadero potencial del equipo. Por otro lado me podría decir porque no juega más snaps David Long Jr se me hace mejor LB que Compton que si lo analiza contra Broncos Fant le ganó el pase y anotación y el domingo Rudolf su única recepción que tuvo fue de anotación y quemando a Compton, y espera mucho más en su debut de Darrington Evans y Vic Beasley muy pobre debut, y nuestra secundaria está muy mal el único que se salva es Vaccaro. TITANS UP!!

Jim: Hola Héctor. La defensa definitivamente necesita jugar mucho mejor. Renunciar a 30 puntos por juego no lo va a hacer todas las semanas. Y tienes razón: hay grandes desafíos en el horizonte. En cuanto a Compton, se ha ganado el trabajo extra antes que Long. Y los otros muchachos que mencionaste, creo que mejorarán a medida que vuelvan al ritmo de las cosas. Cuídate.

Nick Redmond from Poughkeepsie, New York
Hey Jim. We are 3-0 in this crazy season and things are only getting crazier but we are 100% headed in the right direction!! But this is what i want to dive into here and What i continue to struggle with here Jim is why does Anthony Firkser CONSTANTLY get overlooked!!?? I mean I understand that he isn't a "blocking" TE and Pruitt is better than him in that regard! Also we are a run 1st team so that is VERY important I get it! But can anyone out there in titan nation(titan up baby) tell me a game that he has played in that he has played bad, or you have noticeably seen him and said he is trash or we need to take him out!!?? I know I haven't! I know I have seen a lot of games where he has come up HUGE for us with big catch after big catch!! I mean the guy is solid and if we don't recognize that he'll be scoring TD's on another team soon!! I mean I would feel confident putting him at slot or WR 2 and let brown and Davis run slot on certain plays.. remember when the patriots had hernandez and GRONK. I mean that was scary.. if A. SMITH created formations where we had more 2 TE sets with Firkser lined up outside(if he is really that bad of a blocker) it would give us another LEGIT option with great feel and hands for the football, also that Tannahill has A LOT OF FAITH AND TRUST IN!! Even 3 TE sets with Pruitt on line, Smith and frisker outside or stacked with brown or davis.. I mean seriously we need to get him in the field!
ALL OFF SEASON EVERYONE CRIED FOR MORE WR HELP AND NOW WE NEED IT MORE THEN EVER WITH THE COVID 19 OUTBREAK and the unknown.. and when A.J went down people were screaming for help when we have a guy who is under utilized with great hands as well as a solid route runner who has trust with our QB sitting on the bench most of the time.. I mean does anyone disagree with me!!!?? So I guess my question is Jim, what is it that im not seeing (besides the blocking) that keeps him off the field.. I mean Is he THAT BAD at blocking! Do the coaches hate him? Does he have a bad attitude, is he a bad locker room guy? I don't get it!!?? And if you could JIM!! Please relay a message to OC A.Smith for me and tell him to look back at the patriots when they had Hernández and Gronk! And steal a little influence from that offense! I mean heck we are being built to become the new patriots starting with ex patriots and #1 GM in the league J-Rob, down to Vrabel.. I mean seriously please find a way to plant a seed to coach vrabs and author Smith to watch film on that offense and figure out a way to utilize 1 of our best weapons.. He could be a diamond in the rough im telling you!!
Anyway, thanks Jim sorry for the rant! Hope it's not too long to get in the weekly mailbag! Love hearing you answer all of our questions! So greatful for you and what you do for us funs!! And thanks to Amy, for hiring J-Rob and thanks to J-Rob for the rest!! MUCH LOVE TITANS NATION!! im a NEW YORKER but a titans fan.. let beat this New York team up this week so I can make fun of them!!! TITAN UP BABY!!!

Jim: Oh man, Nick. You should be president of the Anthony Firkser Fan Club. I can tell you Anthony's coaches and teammates like him and respect his game. He's doing everything right. And with the team short at receiver (Corey Davis and Adam Humphries out, and AJ coming back from an injury) and without tight end MyCole Pruitt (Reserve/COVID-19 list), you may get your wish for more Firksering on Tuesday night.

Enjoy the game everyone!

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