G Rodger Saffold


Sunday, Dec. 20, 2020

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(on his mindset preparing for today despite not practicing this week)

Honestly, it gives you an uneasy feeling because you know that you work and you prepare to win the game from practice. I think that just constantly really being focused in on the plan, using my opportunity at home to look at extra film, look at the plays and just communicating with my teammates helped me play the way I played today.

(on being physical and opening holes for running back Derrick Henry)

Absolutely. We know how important our running game is and we knew what we needed to do to make that happen. We knew we would be able to put points on the board being balanced. So, I think just attacking that gameplan, really coming off the ball, set up a really balanced offense so we were able to score a lot of points today.

(on how impressive it is to be part of an offense that knows it could have scored more points even after scoring 46 points)

Absolutely. You have got to be able to critic yourself honestly and that is how you continue to improve throughout the season. This is my fourth winning season of my career and I'm on year 11. I think that I'm just really just excited about taking advantage of each opportunity to win games and put us in position to go play on. We know how important December is, and I think that the urgency that we've had this month so far is showing that. So, we've just got to continue to work. We've got a big opponent this week.

(on heading to Green Bay to play the Packers in Sunday Night Football)

Absolutely. To me, I really feel bad for the younger players because that experience with having all the fans there, the energy in the stadium, they don't get to experience that. With a game with high stakes, usually you want a huge crowd there. Feel for those guys, but at least they get the opportunity to play in a big game and understand the gravity of each game in December.

(on the mindset of the team getting ready to prepare for the Packers)

I think it's just urgency and no hesitation. There's no reason to hesitate at all. We know that Green Bay is a great team, we know that they have a solid defense, we know that they have a great offense and we're going to need to come ready to play in all three phases. We've got to have our best game of the year.