G Rodger Saffold


(on how scary it was to see tackle Taylor Lewan carted off the field))

You know, I definitely got down on a knee and said a prayer for him, because I've been in that position four years ago, and it is a scary feeling getting on that stretcher. I just hope that he's all right. I'm thinking about him. The team is thinking about him. He's just so resilient. I expect him to be back for us sooner than later.

(on the performance tonight of running back Derrick Henry and what he does week after week)

Well, it's kind of like with us being on the offense, you can see things in a different kind of focus. Through a different lens than everybody else. You are seeing that people are trying to stop the run more and more, and we're trying to soften them up. Softening them up more and more, and he'll break one. He'll start getting four and five-yard gains. Ten-yard gains. And, you know, it really just wears on people. That's a testament to him, for how he takes care of his body and how he's constantly – he's never discouraged. And that's something he's grown out of over the years. You see those slow starts. When you are so good, you want those ten yards every play. You want to pop one every play, and it's just not feasible. Having the success that we've had, and constantly pushing, he's dealing with that less and less. It has also motivated him to play even harder at the end of the game. Those are the things that you don't see. It's all a mentality thing. He's growing into that. And the confidence continues to grow. The thing I like about Derrick (Henry) is at the beginning of the game, he is so calm. He realizes that there's where he needs to play in order to excel. And then that's where the energy pours in. He just continues to push and you start seeing that energy translate on the field. He starts getting more and more emotions into it.

(on if this was a statement win tonight for the Titans)

Absolutely. You know we've dealt with some growing pains as far as – just with this team and not being able to play well enough to win games. Playing to our competition. Excelling when we need to excel. Being able to win at home. That was a crushing loss at the beginning of the season. And being to be able to say we're home, and this is our house, and with a 50-50 turnout tonight between Titans' fans and Bills' fans, to come out and do this, shows the tenacity of this team.