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Sunday, Jan. 10, 2021

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(on trying to get the run game going)

It was kind of one-off every time. You could really get yards if all 11 of you are doing everything correctly, but it seems like if one thing breaks down, it's harder to convert. We were pushing and pushing and pushing, and finding a little bit of success here and there, but it's those small details we have to fine tune. The effort was there, it's about being detailed. We weren't efficient at running the football.

(on what Baltimore was doing to limit the success on short-yardage situations)

They were motivated and did a really good job of covering and stuffing the middle, whether it be through scheme or front-wise. It just comes down to execution.

(on how proud he is of the whole offensive line as a unit after battling issues along the way this year)

Taylor (Lewan) has been attacking his rehab and he's doing a great job. I'm so excited to get to play with him again next year. Ty (Sambrailo) did a great job of just jumping in and working with me and constantly talking through the game. I saw him improve greatly. Quiz (David Quessenberry) has battled so much and he is literally an inspiration to this team in the fact that he's able to go out there and make big plays and push people down the field. Ben (Jones) is constantly working on his craft and he's so smart. He gets us in the right place at the right time. And if we aren't, he gets us right on the sideline. Nate (Davis) has had the biggest jump from year one to year two. My biggest challenge for him is to just keep improving because we all know it's tougher and tougher. When we get older life starts to come at you. I am so proud of him. Dennis (Kelly) battled constantly time and time again, every single practice. He and Ben (Jones) battled week in and week out and was always ready for the game. Jamil (Douglas) was filling a spot every single time. None of the coaches ever had to worry about him filling in at any position. I was really happy to have him on the team, especially for me when I had to leave the game early and then come back. This O-Line as a whole, it's such a great room. I am really happy and honored to be able to play with those guys.

(on how much it hurts to have the season end early in the playoffs)

We battled so much and dealt with so much. Guys need to get healthy again and get back on track, and we need a break mentally from having to constantly change our routine day in and day out and be susceptible to all the changes that come from a late test, not knowing who is negative or positive, close contacts. It's all very taxing on our bodies. Today we played our 14th game straight, so that just shows you the kind of team we are and the heart we have.

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