G Rodger Saffold


(on the final drive of the fourth quarter)

I just really think this team was built from adversity and it has been constant since our offseason. Covid, the changes in the schedule, and because of that it I feel like it's helping us in the games, because no matter how far we are behind, no matter what situation just seems impossible, we always just end up coming out. I think this mentality of just knowing that you are going to go out there and grab success, guys without no fear. I think the best protection of game was that last two minutes. I think that the way we were running the ball at the end of the game was second to none. This is just complete team football, and this team was built from adversity and difficult situations. Because we continue to come out on top, the confidence just continues to grow.

(on winning the coin toss for overtime)

It was time to clock in for overtime. When you do overtime, you get time and a half. I know that's not real for our jobs, but we definitely looked at it as like, 'OK, now it's time to really go to work. Let's go ahead, let's get this drive, let's get off the field, let's get it with a win.' We were able to do that. Just outstanding from everybody.

(on quarterback Ryan Tannehill's poise)

When it comes to this offense, we always talk about all eleven guys doing their jobs. Ryan (Tannehill) is no exception. The way we are able to go down the field in two-minute really shows how everybody is doing their job effectively. Everybody is being efficient. Guys are running down field. It's just great team offense. With Ryan (Tannehill) at the helm, it's constantly focusing on that, constantly focusing on getting better, constantly focusing on improving. We often surprise ourselves with what we can come out with.

(on running back Derrick Henry's 94-yard run)

We knew what they were going to do. We kind of get in to there, just making sure we didn't give up any penetration, and let's just give him a hole to run through. I know that he saw all the people to the front side of the play and he was able to hit back side. The great thing about him is that as he continues to run downhill and he makes moves, he is always moving forward so it makes it hard for people to tackle him. Once he gets into the open field, good luck.

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