G Rodger Saffold III


Sunday, Oct. 25, 2020

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(on playing from behind)

Absolutely, I think we needed to have a better since of urgency when starting in the beginning of the game. We need to be able to handle adversity while it's happening so that we can be able to make corrections on the field, on the sideline, be able to produce. We weren't able to that. I didn't really think the guy's minds were out of it, which is why we came out with so much vigor in the second half. Just little things, little things came to get us today I think it was really just kind of like a culture shock to the team, because we realize like, 'Hey, we can fight to the end and give ourselves a chance to win, but we need to be the better right from the start and continue to put the peddle to the metal so that we don't put ourselves in these situations.' Only thing that I know to do is to go back to work. I think that is what the rest of the team thinks, and I am excited to see how this team responds next week.

(on if the team rallying back in the second half is a positive takeaway)

Absolutely. You don't want to completely make the entire game negative. I think we need to take a really good detailed look at the film, and see where it was, see if it's just more of a, 'Hey, we need to play more cohesively as a group in each one of our phases to be able to stop them on third down, be able to produce longer drives,' and then just play really sound, sound defense and offense and special teams.'