G Rodger Saffold

Sunday, Sept 20, 2020

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(on the offense)

I think it just really came down to playing complementary football. We were able to make plays. Everybody was doing their job, doing the right thing. I think that because we have somewhat of a calmness about us, that allows us to overcome some adversities that we have going against us – a series of false starts and miscommunications here and there that we were able to overcome. If you can do that consistently, you can start seeing us put more and more points up on the board. I think there was a lot of confidence, but also an understanding of what the situation is where we can go and attack it effectively.

(on Ryan Tannehill's composure)

Well, Ryan (Tannehill) is so critical of himself. Last game he thought that it wasn't good enough for himself and for us and he really went to work all week, and then you start seeing him really putting some throws together, confidence-builders through the play action, and then once he gets his number called being able to make really big time contested throws. He was able to do that. He threw that ball where he got hit in the chest, and he's probably going to get mad that I said this, but he got up and he said 'And One.' I mean, that's what you want to hear out of your quarterback. You want to hear that competitive nature coming from him so we can constantly see him improve and succeed.

(on the team's confidence after two weeks with game-winning drives)

It's a great feeling, but we also know there's a ton that needs to be corrected and that's what is helping this team out. We're constantly staying hungry. We understand that these first few games are going to be like this because there were no preseason games. We really have to depend on ourselves to be able to gain momentum, to get energy back into the stadium, and I'm glad that we've been able to do that consistently. We're constantly working on two minutes and it's winning us the game. So, I don't think that we're going to stop here.

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