Friday's Training Camp Notebook



Linebacker Gerald McRath (51) was one of the defensive standouts during Friday's practice.
Quick Hits from Camp**

• NASCAR Truck Series drivers were among those watching practice.  They were relaxing and taking in all the action before their race at Nashville Super Speedway on Saturday.  After practice they met several Titans, including Kerry Collins, Rob Bironas and Jeff Fisher.

• Undrafted free agent wide receiver Bobby Sewall showed some athleticism with an acrobatic catch on a ball thrown over the middle by Rusty Smith.

• Linebacker Gerald McRath looked good dropping back in coverage and made a leaping tip to break up a ball thrown by Rusty Smith.

• Defensive lineman Kareem Brown intercepted Kerry Collins on a screen pass intended for Chris Johnson and returned it for a touchdown.

• Cornerback Jason McCourty had a nice interception on a deep ball thrown by Vince Young.  The ball was intended for Nate Washington.

• Two straight stops by the defense in the two-minute drill were enough to end practice.

Off the field Q&A with Tye Hill

What is your favorite thing about Nashville?

"Cheeseburger Charley's." 

How have you spent your offseason?

"I just spent it with my wife and family in Lawrenceville, Georgia."

What are your plans after football?

"I own a few restaurants.  I'll probably just maintain them and try to get more into the corporate side of things."

What's your favorite vacation spot?

"Every year my wife and I take a trip.  This past year we went to Puerto Rico, but the Bahamas and Cancun are my two favorites."

Who is the best player of all time at your position, in your opinion?

"Deion Sanders.  Hands down.  He's got to be.  I aspire to do some of the same things he's done in this league."

If you could be on any reality TV show, which one would you choose?

"I don't like reality TV.  But I would love to sit in on the Bad Girls Club on Oxygen Network.  I like it because it has a lot of drama.  I'd love to be on there just to watch the drama, not to partake in the drama, but just to be there."

Kobe or LeBron?

"Kobe is hands down the best player in the league right now."

What is your most memorable football moment?

"Being drafted in the first round in 2006."

Jeff Fisher Quotes

(on if everything has gone according to plan for the first week of camp)

I think we're Ok. We're not ready to play yet, but I think we're OK. This is that time where the little nagging pulls and strains start to appear, but we're working through that. Overall, we're OK. We gave Cortland (Finnegan) the day off because he was a little tight here and there. So now, all of the sudden, you're down to four corners in the heat, so that has an effect. But overall, I think we're where we need to be. We've gotten a lot in. We've got some situation stuff we have to cover. We're going to finish up tomorrow at 1 p.m. in the sun, in the heat, and have a pretty physical practice. Then, we'll rest up tomorrow night and Sunday.

(on if Lavelle Hawkins is performing as well as he did in OTA's)

Yeah, he has. The good thing about Hawk now is that Hawk is at all positions. He's lining up, and he's not making any mistakes. And he's in a position now – what a difference a year makes – where he's helping the other guys get lined up. So that speaks volumes of what he's done in the last year.

(on Vince Young becoming more of a vocal leader)

He's no different. I think he's a little more focused on the quarterback position. He's doing a really good job paying attention when the other guys are in, getting the mental reps when he's not in.

(on the rule change regarding the position of the umpire)

I had four plays specifically for them to sort out some scenarios that they'll have to work through. I'll be communicating with the league office and with the officiating department. It's different. The league stresses players' safety to the nth degree. But we made this decision during the offseason to move the umpire back because of safety reasons. They went down exactly 100 times last year. We had some season-ending injuries, some concussions, so it's time to address the issue. There are going to be some issues that we have to work out, and I'm confident that we'll be able to get through most of them through the preseason.

Daily Trivia Question (answer revealed in tomorrow's notebook)

Which current Titans' player attended the college or university with the smallest number of students?

Answer to yesterday's trivia question:

Which BCS conference (current alignment) has the most current Titans?

Answer: The SEC has ten players on the Titans roster.  Other BCS conferences: Big 12 (9), ACC (9), Pac 10 (7), Big 10 (5), Big East (4)

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