Fisher wins Maxwell Football Club Award

Jeff Fisher won the Earle Greasy Neale Award as Professional Coach of the Year.
There were 1,109 first place votes cast.  In second place was Indianapolis Colts¹ quarterback, Peyton Manning, with 181 (1st), 66 (2nd) and 82 (3rd) totaling 757 points.  Third place went to Arizona Cardinals quarterback, Kurt Warner with 142 (1st), 111 (2nd), and 90 (3rd)  for 738 points.  Saints¹ quarterback, Drew Brees was fourth with 106 (1st), 99 (2nd) and 105 (3rd) for 621 points. The remaining 497 votes were divided among 30 other players.

Peyton Manning won this award for the 2003 and 2004 seasons,  and Kurt Warner won the award in 1999 while playing for the St. Louis Rams.

Jaworski also announced that Tennessee Titans Head Coach, Jeff Fisher, won the 20th Annual Earle ³Greasy² Neale Award as Professional Coach of the Year.  Of the 1,109 votes received, Fisher had 332; second place went to Tony Sparano, Miami Dolphins, with 292; third place to Mike Smith, Atlanta Falcons, with 185. The remaining 300 votes were divided among sixteen other coaches.

Voters for the Pro Awards are NFL owners, football personnel, head and assistant coaches as well as members of the Maxwell Football Club, national media, both electronic and print, and local media.

Jaworski also announced that Steve Sabol of NFL Films has been awarded the 20th Annual Reds Bagnell Award for Contributions to the Game of Football.
Steve Sabol¹s father Ed Sabol also won the Bagnell Award in 1994.

They will join the College Player and Coach of the Year, Tim Tebow, University of Florida and Mike Leach, Texas Tech University, at the Maxwell Football Club Awards dinner to be held at Harrah¹s in Atlantic City on March 6, 2009. For more information on the Maxwell Football Club Awards Dinner contact Bob Clark, Executive Director, at (610) 277-8900.

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