Fisher says Young Having Great Offseason




NASHVILLE, Tenn. --** While on Nashville's 104.5 The Zone publicizing an upcoming charity event, Titans head coach Jeff Fisher was asked Wednesday about Vince Young's recent comments regarding his playing status.

Asked whether he was bothered by Young's "whining," Fisher responded:

"Well, those are your words, 'whining.'  Let me say this.  I didn't bat an eye at it, when I saw Vince today we didn't bring it up.  He was in the weight room working out, had a great workout.  He came in probably two months ago now, right at the end of February, early March — it was well documented, I discussed our meeting publicly — and Vince wanted to know what he needed to do to earn his job back.  He didn't want it handed back to him.  He wanted to know what he needed to do and we sat down, we mapped it out, we talked about it and he's working.

"He's been here just about every day and he's having a great offseason.  That's really the only thing that's important to me.  I would expect everyone on our football team to want to start.  You need that attitude.  I think he may have been led on a little bit in the interview, but I'm not paying attention to it, he knows there is no potential for us to move him and I am not backing down off of what I said at the end of that ball game or the Monday or Tuesday after Jacksonville, Kerry [Collins] is our starter but Vince is eventually going to be our starting quarterback and the quarterback we drafted him to be, period."

"Vince needs to do everything he possibly can do to get to the point where he can start and win game after game in the National Football League. That takes time. That process is hard to define. Now he found himself in a situation last year obviously where he got behind Kerry and Kerry won ball games. Vince in his mind, and I think rightfully so, is trying to improve and in that process sees that to be competition. If Vince comes out and is clearly, clearly better than Kerry, then Vince plays. But obviously we agreed to terms with Kerry to come back and be our starter because of the success he had last year. People like to make a lot of these things. I have never been associated with a quarterback controversy. I'm not going to be. I'm going to be up front and I have been. Kerry is our starter, Vince is our backup. And we're going to continue to develop Vince to the point where he can eventually be our quarterback..."

"Our situation has been made very clear, and I don't have an issue with it, nor does Vince. If Vince would have had an issue with it, he would have been I my office. He's been in my office once, and we had a great visit. We visited this morning and nothing big came up and he's working hard, period..."

"[The contract] is not an issue right now, currently to us and I don't anticipate it being an issue. We drafted Vince to be our starter, we got involved in a contractual situation that would pay him as a starter and it's not an issue for us right now. After the season we may revisit it like we do with everybody else, but it's not an issue. We're making a much bigger deal out of nothing right now."

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