FB Khari Blasingame


(on getting carries and getting to run the football for the first time in the NFL)

It was cool, a little throwback to the college days. It was fun.

(on the 50-yard screen pass in the second quarter)

I think it was either third – maybe a long third down. Coach (Downing) dialed it up and just tried to go through my assignment and do what I had to do, and it turned out well.

(on selling the screen pass)

I just tried to give him a little – we don't talk about schemes, so just trying to go over there and do my job.

(on the upcoming season opener against the Arizona Cardinals)

Super excited. The preseason is one thing, but the regular season is different ball, so I am excited. I am excited to go out there and see where we are at and just ball.

(on running back Mekhi Sargent)

He runs extremely hard, but both of our rookies play extremely hard, Tory (Carter) and Mekhi (Sargent). Mekhi (Sargent) has done great with special teams and running the ball. He has been a great asset and showing himself really well, but I don't want to not mention our other rookie, he plays his ass off. Both of those guys came in and played hard. Effort and finish is what this team is about, and that is what they both did.

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