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Easter Weekend Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – We're into April, and we can now say the NFL Draft is later this month.

Time flies, huh?

And the questions keep flying into the Titans mailbag as well.

Let's dive into another batch as we head into Easter weekend…

Here's the link to ask questions: CLICK HERE.

Joseph Dezine from North Miami, Florida
Hey Jim I haven't written to you in a while my man, I hope you're staying safe. I have 4 quick points to get points to get off so here I go rapid fire style.
1 - Why would the team let go of Kenny Vaccaro! He's arguably one the top ten best free agent signees we've ever had OMG SMH. I really hope they re-sign Kenny
2 - We have been lacking a DE in the mold of the Freak Jevon Kearse for so long. That it's borderline criminal, or heck just in the mold of Kevin Carter or Kyle Vanden Bosch. But I digress I really do love Big Jeff Simmons a lot, but we need a running mate for Big Jeff just like the one we got for Harold Landry III. I say go all in on that 1st pick and take Greg Rousseau or Jaelan Phillips from the U baby!!!
3 - I have faith in JR, Ms. Amy, and Coach V but we've lost two good serviceable WR in Corey Davis and Adam Humphries and yes Josh Reynolds has potential to pop but how about we bring back an oldie but goodie in Tajee Sharpe? He and Reynolds are very similar in build, playing style, and ability. I would love to see Sharpe making alongside AJ!
4 - And lastly many franchises don't get a chance at a great TE but we've had 3 Frank Wycheck, Delanie Walker, and Jonnu Smith. The Chiefs have had only 2, Chargers 2, the Pats and Bucs 1 Gronk. We need a TE badly! I obviously want it to be Kyle Pitts but I know he would be there so let's go and Brevan Jordan.

Jim: Hey Joseph. Appreciate you checking back in. Sounds like things got a little wild on South Beach during Spring Break, huh? Hope you were behaving yourself!
1 – I like Kenny myself, but his big price tag and the emergence of Amani Hooker contributed to his exit. I don't expect him to be re-signed.
2 – I still believe the team will add more help at edge rusher, but Bud Dupree and Denico Autry qualify as some pretty good running mates if you ask me.
3 – I promise you the Titans aren't done at receiver.
4 – I agree -- the need for another tight end is pretty big. Anthony Firkser and Geoff Swaim will be part of the answer, but sign me up for a big-time playmaker at the position. I like the looks of Jordan myself.

John Olthoff from Red Oak, Texas
Jim, it seems like a lot of teams using short term contracts to fill gaps, then drafting a long-term solution. Do you see this becoming way things done in future?

Jim: Hey John. I think it was trending this way even before the challenges presented by the pandemic, and it's the case even more now. Most GMs would love to build a team off their draft picks while supplementing the roster with others. And I think that will continue to be the ideal plan.

Henry Dennett from England
Hi there, big fan from across the pond, was wondering what are your thoughts on the kicker position are, are we bringing back Stephen Gostkowski or going with Sam Sloman or Tucker McCann from the practice squad?

Jim: Hey Henry. The last time Mike Vrabel was asked about the kicking game, he said the team planned to talk with Gostkowski about the future. He made no promises, but indicated he's among those who could be considered. I think there will be a competition for the job. Tucker McCann, who is currently on the roster, will be in the mix. Sam Sloman was waived back in January and isn't currently on the roster. Stay tuned.

Avery Slaughter from Nashville, Tennessee
Jerry Jones says Cowboys Stadium will be at 100% capacity this fall. Any word yet on how many people will be allowed to attend home games this year?

Jim: Hi Avery. Just like everything else related to the pandemic, nothing can be guaranteed. But the expectation in Nashville with the Titans, and across the NFL, is to have 100 % capacity in 2021. Burke Nihill, President and CEO of the Titans, said this during a special event for season ticket members this week: "I personally have quite a bit of hope that we won't have any sort of restrictions on the number of Titans fans we have back." But Nihill acknowledged it's early in the offseason and "we'll continue to monitor" things. "We are planning, and we are hoping," Nihill said, "that we are able to open the doors wide open for Titans fans this fall."

Jordan Marbury from Birmingham, Alabama
Thanks for responding to my mail 2 months back Jim. I have questions.
1.Do you know if JRob and Vrabel have Dyami Brown (Chris Simms rated 3rd best WR in the draft after Smith and Chase) on their radar?
2.Can you ask Jrob and Vrabel to do a live feed on Facebook during the draft to see who the fans want? I know our wants aren't taken into consideration, but it would bring a lot of publicity to the fanbase and make the draft that more exciting if they could at least pretend like they considering our wants.

Jim: Hey Jordan.
1- I think Dyami Brown is on every team's radar, especially after his 40 time this week.
2- Superfan Mitch Firkins already has dibs on helping with the picks.

Alberto Armando Téllez Salcedo from Durango, México
Hola Jim otra vez por aquí saludándote. Creó que en éste momento nuestras principales necesidades son NT, WR Number 2, Edge, CB, TE, OT, SS, WR4, PK. Me gustaría que JRob y Vrabel fueran por Christian Baremore, Rashod Bateman, Jayson Oweh o Ronnie Perkins, Eric Stokes, Tommy Tremble, André Cisco, Spencer Brown, Simi Fehoko. Y en la agencia libre Steven Nelson, Golden Tate y MyCole Pruitt. Un abrazo a toda la afición Titan de todo el mundo, especialmente a mi raza Azteca de México, donde hay desdé finales de los 70s muchos fans cómo yo que nos enamoramos de Earl Campbell, Robert Brazile, Elvin Bethea, Dan Pastorini y desde ésas épocas apoyamos con todo a nuestros amados Titans. Un saludo al Restaurant la Bomba Yucateca en Ciudad de México, la casa oficial Titan en México.

Jim: ¡Hola Alberto Armando Téllez Salcedo! ¡Satisface las necesidades y brinda muchas opciones! Puedo prometerle que se abordarán muchos de los puestos que mencionó, pero tendremos que esperar y ver si tiene algún resultado directo en su lista. ¡Gracias por su apoyo en México, y esperamos que la Bomba Yucateca en la Ciudad de México esté rockeando este otoño!

Kirk Maddox from Calvert City, Kentucky
Hey Jim my question is I know the Titans have a few more years on Tannehill's contract after his extension, grant it he is not a young buck anymore so what do you think they will start looking for the quarterback of the future for the franchise, cuz the backups we have are not starter quality in my opinion.

Jim: Hey Kirk. Ryan Tannehill is the quarterback of the present, and the future. I'm not ruling out competition for Logan Woodside at the No.2 QB spot, but it's too early to start thinking about finding Tannehill's replacement.

John Murphy from Hoboken, New Jersey
Hey Jim - Any rumblings about bringing back Jurrell Casey or Tajae Sharpe? Casey would be a tremendous leader in a locker room that lost a number of vets not to mention a great addition to the DL. Sharpe knows the system and would be an inexpensive WR3. He was great on third down and fills a big need with a guy we can trust in tight situations. Would love to see them both back. Any insights would be great! Thank you!

Jim: Doubting it on Jurrell. Tajae? Well, he left on good terms and I think he's a good player. Never say never, but I expect the team will explore other options as well.

Cliff Cushman from Spring, Texas
I am a holdover from the Oilers days with a question or two. The first one is a bit in the weeds, but how different would Jevon Kearse's career had been if he were an edge? Once they started chipping him, he was just average. Had he played next to a 3 technique, what hell he could have raised! Secondly, and I still think the Titans will live and die by their o and d lines, do you think adding linemen on both sides of the ball early in the draft could make Henry and Simmons even better than last year? Shoot, it would make Landry, Dupree, everyone, better.

Jim: Hey Cliff. I think Jevon's broken foot at the start of the 2002 season slowed him down as well. He had 39 sacks in his first three seasons, and he was never the same player after that injury. Yes, I think the Titans will add to both lines in the draft.

Russell Sicard from Lockport, New York
I'm sure that many NFL fans really enjoy the post season and predraft time of year. Honestly, I find it exhausting. All the rhetoric surrounding draft prospects, free agents, trades, contracts, coaching hanges.....Aghhhhh! Everyone with an opinion and no one who really knows the answers! I especially like your comment when asked if you thought the Titans would move up in the draft and you replied "they might move up or they might drop down". LOL! Great answer! Still, as exhausting as I find it, I can't help but read the articles, watch the TV shows and check the websites. I guess that's why "fan" is short for "fanatics". Just want to say thank you for providing this forum for Titans fans to get some first-hand information. Yessir! Draft picks, trades, salary caps.........AGHHHHH!!!

Jim: Hey Russell. Appreciate you reading, and for taking the time to send this.

Have a Happy Easter weekend everyone!

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