DT Jeffery Simmons


Q: What did you think of the defensive effort shown tonight?

SIMMONS: "There's no quitting in our team. Defensively, we fought to the end. We made them kick a field goal in overtime, sometimes like Coach Vrabes [Vrabel] says, you fight and sometimes you don't get your hand raised up. They ended up winning the game. I'm proud of the team. We fought to the end. That's why I enjoy and love coming into the building and enjoy taking the field with these guys. At the end of the day, we're going to fight to the end."

Q: How are you feeling, physically?

SIMMONS: "It's football. I don't know. I need to get healthy. I'm banged up, but I'll be good."

Q: What you were doing up front so well to put pressure on Patrick Mahomes?

SIMMONS: "Effecting the middle of the pocket. That's what we talked about all week. Trying to compress that pocket and make him not be able to step up in the middle of the pocket. It's not always about trying to get sacks. We want to get our hands up and effect the throwing lanes, wherever they may be. He made a couple of plays outside of the pocket. Our job is to try to affect him the best way we can. We got him to my side of the pocket a couple of times, overall, I think we did a hell of a job affecting him today."

Q: How defeating is it when Mahomes escapes the pocket?

SIMMONS: "That comes with it when you're playing a running quarterback. We just have to be better when we rush him. We have to be more coordinated. Sometimes he just finds a lane and gets out. When he does that, we just have to rally to it. Stuff happens. He's a hell of a quarterback. He's looking to make plays with his legs too down the field. He made a couple of plays like that. The play is never over with that guy. I'm sure we'll see him again. Hopefully when we see him again and he scrambles like that, we'll just rally to it."

Q: How much tougher is this loss than the Buffalo game?

SIMMONS: "This one's tough, for sure. This is a big game. They're one of the good teams we see each and every year. We will see them in the playoffs again. I think, you know, just one play, one play could have changed that game, especially in overtime. Our mindset is, how can we make that one play? Or just clean up a lot of stuff in the fourth quarter. I'm proud of the team, we fought until the end."

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