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This defense is missing so many key players today. Yet, you were able to kind of keep Vegas' playmakers from wrecking the game. How were you guys able to do that?

That's our culture. That's the way we build our team. That's the way Coach Vrabel – and I respect that about him. No matter who's up, and no matter who's down, everyone has got to prepare like a starter no matter who it is. We had guys come in just this week starting in the game. So just props to those guys and just props to our team, like those guys on the back end communicating with them. That's why I said we're playing together. The newest guys on the field, they communicate. They're doing what our defense is doing. They are doing their job. I think that is big on our team, just the communication part. And that just shows what type of team we are.

They converted a handful of fourth downs in this game, and a few on that last drive. Can you kind of give us a sense of how you guys were feeling, as they were moving down the field the last time?

Man, we've got to get off the field. That's one of our big emphases on defense, especially in a tight game like that. But at the end of the day, those guys made a play on the back end, on that two-point conversion. We're going to fix that because we are big on that. We have to get off the field on third down. We have to be great on first and second down, and for sure on fourth down.

No matter how it looks, it's still a win.

It's really good. I consider each and every week – we want to be 1-0. I don't care about the record right now. All I know is we are 1-0 this week. And next week, we are going to try and be 1-0 again.

Setting up a big one, obviously, next week, at Indy. You've kind of had their number the last couple of years. It's early in the season, but it's a divisional game and like you say, it counts twice, right?

We know them, they know us. We know their style of throwing the ball. I mean, we know that they'll run first. But one thing, we are going to enjoy this win here. And we'll come in Wednesday and then we'll prepare for the Colts. But as I said, we know them and they know us. It's always a dogfight with us. So, I'm enjoying this win, but I'm looking forward to it.

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