DT Jeffery Simmons


(on if he played with any extra motivation tonight)

I just played football, man. I know what you are talking about with the Pro Bowl but – this is my third year in the league. A couple years ago I got drafted by the Titans organization. I got drafted at 19, so 18 teams passed on me and that has just been my mindset. My team knows what type of player I am. I think I have earned the respect of my teammates and my coaches just by the way that I have played and my leadership. I am sure these other coaches and players around the league know. We play against these guys every Sunday and they know what type of player I am. I will let the film work and talk and speak for itself. My job is to just keep helping my team win games.

(on the defense sparking the team in the second half)

We talked about it at halftime, let's just go back out and play our game. They are doing all the motion and stuff, we just had to settle down and play our game. Guys came out flying. They were doing all the short passes and screens and the first thing we talked about was swarm and getting all 11 hats to the ball. Eventually the ball was going to come out a couple times. That was just our motto and making sure everyone was going to the ball.

(on how satisfying the win was with the offensive line not being at full strength)

I mean, props to Dillon (Radunz). A rookie and he probably didn't know he was going to start in this game. We are proud of him. He stepped up big time today. There is a lot that everyone can learn from with their mistakes, but our offense and (Ryan) Tannehill put a good drive together especially with his runs. I am just happy we got a win at home and going into Christmas. It was just good for our offense to go out there with two minutes, we work on it every Friday, those two-minute situations, and like I said, props to them for going down there and getting the field goal team in a good position to make the field goal.

(on what it is about the defense that allows them to step up in big situations time and time again)

I think our mindset. No matter what may have happened, a facemask or whatever penalty we get on defense, it is the next play mentality. Play the next play between every blade of grass. I think that mindset is what we have been having since I have been here and more this year. That has been helping us out on the defensive side. When we hit the field, guys attack the field with a mindset that no team is going to run the ball on us, and if they get down there in the red zone, try and make them kick a field goal. Of course, they got a couple touchdowns, but every time we attack the field our mindset is don't let them run the ball on us and attack the quarterback.

(on how much fun it is when the entire defensive line is succeeding)

It is fun. Me, I am not a selfish guy. I love when my teammates have success. To see those guys get sacks today it is always just fun to celebrate with them because I know how hard these guys work. I know if they got one-on-ones, especially like Denico (Autry), he got the one-on-one with the tight end, that is their mistake for putting a tight end on Denico (Autry). I trust them and I know they are going to win those one-on-ones. It is all the guys around me, Bud (Dupree), Harold (Landry III), even when Naquon (Jones) had a good rush one time. It is just a mindset from everyone on the field that no matter where we are at in the game, we are all going to work together and try to get after the quarterback.

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