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DT Jeffery Simmons


(on being ready for the fourth-down situation)

I mean, we know what they kind of do in that type of situation even if they are outside of the red zone or right there on the goal line. We know if the quarterback is coming out under the center like that, we anticipate that he was going to run, and they did. So, I was inside of the tackle, got my head on the tackle, quarterback right there, tried to get low, just try to put my big arms around him so he was short. It was a great play from everybody and everybody was in their gaps.

(on if he knew Buffalo quarterback Josh Allen was short on the fourth-down play)

I knew he was short because like I said that was my gap. I knew I was probably like a yard in the backfield or whatever it may be, so I knew it was short.

(on what he thought of Buffalo going for it on fourth down)

Our defense don't flinch as we deal with this all the time, same thing we dealt with last week, Jacksonville. Think about that when you know they get a big play. They got a big play, got down there, fourth-and-short. Now it's time to play ball, now it's time to defend every inch of grass. That's what out defense is about. You know a group of guys on defense that are hungry. No matter if it is inches like it was, love to come up and get a big stop, so that (is) our standards.

(on if there was a surge of adrenaline)

For sure. Even if there was time left I think there would have been momentum for our team, not just for the defense, but for the whole team. Coming up with a big stop giving the offense the ball if there was more time. Things like that change the game, big stops, interceptions, turnovers on defense, but the big thing is we have to be consistent. We have to keep that going. We have to make negative plays to help our offense out, put them in better situations.

(on if it surprised him that Buffalo did not try to tie the game with a field goal)

We knew they were trying to win the game especially with the quarterback they have. Josh Allen is a good quarterback, you know, the same with us. I am sure if we were in that situation, we would put the ball in our best player's hands. I think they put it in their best player's hands. So, it happens our defense was a little better and we came up big.

(on coming out with a win in game of emotional ups and downs)

That's what it is about, this game of football. We all get paid, we get paid to do our job. They got a lot of guys with a lot of talent on that team. The thing is when they make a big play, we have to get back and play and defend every blade of grass. I think that's got to be the standard of our defense, you know the game is going to be up and down. We don't want it that way but that's just the nature of the game. But you know, we've just got to play the next play.

(on if he can explain how the team can have a game like Week 4 against the Jets and then a performance like tonight)

To be honest, I don't know a lot about the Jets. But a game like this, we always focus on what is next. We can't think about what happened against the Jets. We can't think about what happened against the Jaguars. Like I said, our standard is to play the next play. You know, today, we had the Bills. We are 4-2. What more can you ask for?

(on if tonight's game can be a springboard moving forward)

It just helps us build momentum, especially having a big game like this. Of course, I think we will see them again. But just having that momentum going into each and every week, going into the Chiefs, you know, I think that is the mindset of our team. We have a great team. We just have to do the little things to take away from the big plays or whatever it may be. Our Coach (Vrabel) always say it is the small things that stop us from just being great. Once we fix that, I don't know how far we will go. So that's just the goal, the small things.

(on getting the game ball)

Actually, that was just the last play of the game. I got the stop, KB (Kevin Byard), I don't know how he got the ball, KB actually gave me the ball. Like, he said who made the tackle and I said who do you think? He knew I made the stop but he didn't think I would finish it. When I told him, he gave me the ball. Especially a guy like KB, I respect KB, he has been in this league for a while now. The leadership he has on the defense, to get this ball from him personally just means a lot. My job is just to hold the line of scrimmage. Of course, we have to fix a lot of stuff, but all that matters is we are 4-2 now.

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