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DT Jeffery Simmons


(on setting the tone early with fast start)

Man, we've got to start fast. That's what we talk about as a defense. You know, we've got to create some momentum as a defense. This game is played at all three levels, offense, defense, special teams. Sometimes the offense may not be on a roll starting off, but that is something we talk about as a defense. We have to start fast, give our offense good field position and have to get off the field. First and second down be good, third down get sacks, or whatever it may be, second down get a sack. Pressure and sacks today, it was great.

(on grinding out a win)

I love winning. I don't care how it comes. (There's) always room to improve, but come in when we come back on Wednesday, watch film or whatever it may be, of course each and every week you have to be better in this league. We have to come in and play. You never know when another team can come in, any team in this league can get beat. So, I love winning, winning in this league. I learned since I have been in the league it's hard to win in this league. So, you know, we are going to enjoy this win. We always like tough games. Sometimes it might not be as tough as it was today, but as long we got the dub, I am satisfied.

(on New Orleans making adjustments at halftime)

Of course, especially if you see a defensive lineman wrecking the game, you are going to see more max protection. But it doesn't matter, you have to transition into the pocket, we have to be better against max protection because somebody's got to win, somebody's got to make a play no matter what it might be. So, eventually if we watch film and see who is getting the one-on-ones, even who's not getting the one-on-ones, everyone has got to transition to the pocket no matter what.

(on it being a relief to see the ball hit the ground on the two-point conversion attempt)

A relief. Defense came up big, the defense – I think it was Jayon (Brown) out there on his man, so it is always just great especially not to take a game to overtime, to get a win right there on that two-point conversion. I was excited, Jayon (Brown) was out there covering his man. Everyone did their job and seeing that ball hit the ground I was pretty excited, so I was kind of tired.

(on if there is a reason the ball is bouncing the Titans' way)

I guess it is we don't quit. I think that's just kind of the mindset of guys. No matter what it maybe, we are going to fight to the end. Guys finish the game. That's what's going to happen when you finish the game. No matter, of course they got a touchdown, guys didn't put their heads down. We knew they were fixing to go for two or whatever it may be. Early in the game they get a first down or whatever it may be, we have to come back and play the next play. I think that's just the mindset of this team. We are not going to drop our head when the game gets tough. We are not going to drop our head when a team makes plays, so we've just got to play this way.

(on recording sacks)

I just, you know, it's just the gameplan. I figure out the gameplan for the week. I eventually got the one-on-one on the first sack tonight and that's something we talk about. Guys have to win to win their one-on-one matchup. Things like that in that nature, guys on the back end covering guys, that's helping us get sacks. Whatever they give me, you know I am going to be prepared for. I see early in the game what a team is giving me, they double me. I got dogs on the D-line so if they double me, somebody gets one-on-one. So, I'm surrounded by – just grateful to have a good group of guys on the defensive line. So, if we have a one-on-one or whatever it may be, we expect to win.

(on if his performance is continuing to elevate week after week)

I think that's just a part of this game. Each year, each game, each day, I want to get better. I want to play better each and every week. Hopefully next week I play at a higher standard. I hold myself to higher standards. I love what I do, so each and every week, I know my teammates hold me to a high standard. I hold myself to a high standard as well the coaches. So, eventually it's got to get better. We know we've got to fix a lot of things on film and go and see what we can do better, especially in the second half, driving and scoring points or whatever it may be. But I love this team so each and every week, I am just trying to get better each and every week.

(on feeling happy for rookie defensive tackle Naquan Jones recording his first career sack)

I remember my first sack as a rookie. You know, just that feeling. I know he had that same feeling just being able to step you know with (Teair) Tart being out today. Being able to step in as a rookie, starting at nose, that's a hard position to play. A lot of people don't understand that and him beating that guard like he did, that's props to him. I was happy for him, told him on the sidelines. I ran on the field, I knew it was about to down, so I knew I was going to be on the field. It's hard to get sacks in this league so I am happy for him. He came in and helped us out this week, especially he made a lot of tackles, he got the sack, so he played a hell of a game.

(on the difficulty of winning in the league)

Like I said man, I love winning. Like I said earlier, it's hard to win in this league, so you have to embrace it and just take it all in. You know, (Mike) Vrabel said something this week and it made sense. Said, 'Success brings confidence, but confidence doesn't bring success.' That kind of stood out to me, because we can come into this game very confident – it doesn't promise a win. Each and every week we have to prove it and that's the best thing about this league. I think that's the best thing about this team. We are never satisfied. We've got a lot more games to play, each and every week, game by game.

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