DT Jeffery Simmons


(on the defensive performance)

It sucks. We didn't plan to come in and give this type of speech or talk to the media about losing, especially in the playoffs. It hurts man, because we worked day in and day out especially up front. We communicated, trying to affect the quarterback. We just come up short. This won't stop us though. We said it in the locker room, we are going to keep this team tight. Nothing is going to split us up. Nothing is going to come in between our team. We hate to lose. Props to them. They made more plays than us. The quarterback got the ball, and they did a good job in the two-minute situation or whatever it is at the end of the game. Like I said, they made more plays than us and it sucks.

(on if there is 'something wrong' with the team)

I said they made more plays than us. Ain't nothing wrong with our team. Like I said, nothing is going to split us up. They made more plays than us.

(on the defense playing well but the offense struggling)

We just have to keep having our offense's back. We did a great job, especially early on. First drive, (Ryan) Tannehill threw a pick. Oh well. We went on the field. They kicked a field goal. That is how we have to respond as a defense. We have got to keep getting on the field and making them kick field goals if they get down there. Plus, they got good field position, so we did a great job of making them kick field goals in the red zone. They had one good rushing touchdown and that was just miscommunication. We have got to keep having our offense's back. That's part of the game. Sometimes the offense starts slow, sometimes we start slow and the offense is helping us out. That is the whole part of this game of football. We all got to be good on all three phases especially in the playoffs.

(on how the defense kept playing so well)

That is kind of what we talk about. We might bend, but we won't break. We are going out there on the field with the mindset with three out, let's try to get the ball, something we didn't do as much. We got one turnover and they beat us in turnovers. I think they had three or four, so it just shows we have to be able to, especially next year. We talked about it, 'Let's create turnovers.' Try to force turnovers. I think going into this offseason, guys get healthy coming back, that is something we are really going to have to focus on. Trying to create turnovers. I think that will help us put out the fires a little more. If the offense stalls or turnover the ball, how can we go out there and match their defense by getting a turnover as well?

(on the emotions when the game was tied at 16)

One thing about our team is we might bend, we don't break. I think that is the best thing about our team. We are going to fight until the end. As you see, we still try to fight, trying to fight to get this win but they made one extra play than us. We never lost hope. I mean, we were down halftime 9-6, and we come out talking about, 'Defense, lets go out and get three-and-out and give the offense the ball.' That's why I love this team because we don't have frontrunners, as Coach (Mike) Vrabel says. We're hungry. We came out here talking like we want to win this game but like I said they made more plays than us.

(on this loss being a shock)

Our goal was to go to the Super Bowl and win it. Of course we are short of our goal. In order to continue to play in February, we were supposed to take care of this game. So happened we didn't. Props to them. They made more plays than us. We are going to let this build. We are going to build off this and I hate this feeling so whatever I can do as a leader, as a captain on this team to get the guys going more and coming in for the next season, I am going to try to not to have this feeling again.

(on the defensive performance)

We knew, especially on defense, we knew if we come into this game and affected the quarterback, which we did a lot tonight, we knew we had a chance. I think that is the most disappointing thing. If we could have just got the ball out a little more, because we were hitting the quarterback a lot. I think that is where we have got to get better on our defense especially our front four. Because we get home a lot, but how can we get the ball out of the quarterback's hands? We know the quarterback fumbles the ball more than anyone on the field so how can we be able to get strip sacks? That's a thing going into the offseason that is something we will have to build off, trying to get more turnovers.

(on getting sacks today)

When guys got their one-on-ones, we were winning. We knew this O-line was going to struggle. We knew the type of match ups, the coaches were putting us in great situations with everyone on the same page. When guys beat their guys inside, the quarterback tried to scramble outside, he had nowhere to go. So everyone, all four on the same page upfront. Even the linebackers were disguising the quarterback a lot making the back step up and leaving me one-on-one or whatever it may be. I think that is a thing with our front four, we have been talking about everyone has got to win and be on the same page.

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