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DT Jeffery Simmons


(on what the feeling is like after losing today)

It sucks, it always sucks when you lose in this league. We have to come back and prepare better. We have to play better. We have to communicate better. Props to them, they came to play. Their quarterback had two good raw runs, I guess. We have to do a better job of containing the quarterback when we know we are playing against a scramble quarterback. We knew that Tyrod (Taylor) is a hell of a player coming into the game. We knew that he could win games. Like I said, he got outside of the pocket twice, he scored twice, so we just have to be better. So, I guess that's the message coming in Tuesday, get the corrections and move on.

(on Houston getting the ball out quickly and the defense missing some opportunities)

You said it, they just got the ball off quick. We just got to run to the ball. We got to be able to create turnovers by running to the ball, trying to punch the ball out whatever it may be. When we do get opportunity, when the quarterback is holding the ball, we've got to win. So, I think you said it, they got the ball out quick a lot.

(on if there was anything that stood out about Texans quarterback Tyrod Tylor's two rushing touchdowns)

It wasn't nothing more then. Nothing more to it. The first one, we got to – one, we've got to communicate. I think it was me and Nico (Denico Autry) to that side. I am a three and he was on the edge, if he is doing something or thinking about doing something, we just got to communicate. So, once we see film, we make the corrections. Like I said, we just got to be better up front. Because like I said, when the quarterback scrambles, rush lanes, it is on us. So, the edge guy, the inside guy, we've got to be on the same page.

(on not being able to jump on Houston early in the game)

I mean, our message was to make them not interested in playing this game. So, they came to play. We didn't execute our keys, that was to create the urgency, create the juice. We have to walk into this game like we wanted to win. Like I said, we started off slow. When the quarterback scrambles and all that – we didn't come into this game like we planned on coming into this game. So, next week we will get the correction Tuesdays. Next week (we've) got to be better because we are playing another great team with another good quarterback. So, I think the focus is on getting the corrections and moving on.

(on if the offensive turnovers led to the defense feeling like it had to put out fires)

It doesn't, who cares? We have to go out and compete. We have to go out, make them kick field goals. I mean, it's the game of football. They get paid too. Our offense had five turnovers, so what? We have to go out there as a defense. We have to put out the fire, like you said. It's not how many times you go on the field, we have to respond, sudden change, call it. The two touchdowns they got when the quarterback scrambled, that's on us. The defense has just got to play better on that and make them kick field goals. That's kind of what we want in the red zone, make (the) offense, make (the) team kick field goals. So, I don't think we panic, we don't panic because the offense turned over the ball. We have to go out there and play the next snap.

(on if the defense feels more pressure due to the offense's injured players)

We just come to play ball. We don't talk about who's not playing. Of course we wish everyone was healthy. We wish everyone was out there playing ball, but we don't come into this game saying, 'We got to play this way because some certain guy is not here.' It's the next man up mentality. Everyone comes out here to play ball, play with each other, communicate with each other. It's the next man up mentality. How can we win this game? How can all 11 be on the same page?

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