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DT Deforest Buckner


Talk about how Dayo (Odeyingbo) and Samson (Ebukam) have really come on these last few games.

Oh yeah, they've been tremendous. Getting a bunch of sacks the past couple of weeks, it's been fun to watch. Guys aren't going to game plan just for me on third down, you've got to worry about multiple people. That's when more one-on-one's start getting distributed amongst the d-line so it's going to be a lot of fun moving forward.

You have had a role with Kwity (Payne) and Dayo (Odeyingbo), what's it like to see them kind of evolve into those guys?

It's been great to see, to be honest, because they have both put in a lot of work. To go out there and continue to get better each and every week, and obviously over the years, it's been awesome to see. You know with D-Linemen, really just with anybody who gets drafted or whatever to get into the league, it takes a little bit to really hone your craft. There's one in a million guys that come in and just dominate right away, but then to gradually get better over time—essentially, when you're getting drafted, you're getting drafted off of what you could do for your potential and they are starting to go into their potential so it's great to see.

To win four in a row and now get "Grove" (Grover Stewart) back in that D-line mix, how exciting is that?

Really exciting. He's definitely been a key factor for us over the years. Obviously, missing him for the past six weeks has been tough for us and we have been trying to weather the storm while he's gone and to finally have him back. It's going to be fun to have him back, it's going to be a big game for us on defense.

Six sacks against Will Levis, how did you take advantage of the Titans offensive line?

Honestly, the guys just won their one-on-one's. We knew what we needed to do to win the game and that was to affect the quarterback and we were able to get there. The back end held up in coverage during those times and we always preach "rush and coverage working together" and we were able to do that today.

What was that feeling like on the sideline when you see the offense deliver? Alec (Pierce) goes up, 55-yard catch, (Michael) Pittman walk-off touchdown, what's going through your mind after everything, it's a win?

Obviously seeing them make those plays and finish it off, it was awesome. Being able to see the grit in the team and in the guys we have and being able to dig deep in OT and come up with those big plays to finish. We have been preaching about finishing games in tight games. It's been awesome to see.

Reflecting on the offense, you also talk about special teams being able to provide a lot of momentum, so being able to see your special teams really take advantage, what is it like to sit back as a leader and watch it?

Even since I've been here, we have always had a dominant special teams unit. Obviously, there were some struggles here and there early on in the season, but they have been able to come on as of late and be a big key factor for our team to come up with these big wins. It's been great to see them come up with these big plays that we knew they were capable of.

For someone who has played with Tyquan (Lewis) for a while, you have seen the things he has gone through, the tough injuries, what's it mean to see him out there filling such an important role? What does he bring you guys given the adverse path to get here?

Obviously, with Tyquan (Lewis), with him being a vet and his veteran leadership, and being able to see him back to his comfortable self after those big catastrophic injuries that he had the past couple of years has been great to see. I mean just the positive lookout and his mindset in life in general, I have been able to learn a lot from him. On the d-line, he has been the biggest guy to go through adversity. He kept his head down, kept working, trusted in the Lord and he's been able to come out and be a big key factor for us. Like you said, he's versatile. He can play outside or inside when we need him to. Wherever we put him he's going to make plays. So, he's been a good guy for us up front.

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