DT Daquan Jones


Sunday, Dec. 6, 2020

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(on the team's mindset at halftime)

Don't beat ourselves. I mean, that's a great football team. They did a great job coming in here doing what they had to do, but I truly believe we beat ourselves in the first half. We came in and got the corrections done, went out there and executed, and we just fell short.

(on having to be perfect in the second half in order to come back)

Those situations, you've just got to play 100 percent perfect every time. We all know it's an imperfect sport. Someone is always going to beat someone on one given play, no matter what it is. They just found the guys and hit the right plays to make that happen.

(on what the team needs to do to go on the road and get its momentum back)

We've got to reset. We've got to go and get our mentals right. We've got to make sure we come out this week and just be really ready to go.