DT Christian Wilkins


(on the Dolphins' difficulty defending the run today)

I think they kind of just figured us out. They were able to run the ball effectively, just stayed consistent with the run. A few yards here, a few yards there. They were able to pop some big ones, which is unfortunate because I feel like we've done a pretty good job with the run all year and we know what type of defense we are and what we can be. Tennessee's a good team so hats off to them. They were just the better team today.

(on what the Titans did to neutralize the pressure)

Well, they ran the ball a lot for starters, so that takes away opportunities to rush the passer. They were able to run the ball effectively all game. Like I said, we just weren't able – we just didn't play well enough defensively and on early downs, especially stopping the run.

(on it being frustrating to have been two wins away from the playoffs before today's game)

Not really, focused on what needs to happen. Just trying to take care of what we can take care of. We're going to do what we've done all year together. Stick together. Come in tomorrow. Flush this loss. It's definitely unfortunate though, because we've been experiencing a lot of winning lately, been doing a pretty good job. The recipe, the formula is still the same. 24-hour rule, flush this one. Get back to work tomorrow. Best seven days of the season yet.