Draft Analysts Ponder First Round Scenarios for Titans


CHICAGO – The Titans are scheduled to pick 15th overall in the NFL Draft, but as General Manager Jon Robinson has proven, anything can happen. Here in draft town, Titans Online asked four NFL Network analysts their best-case scenario for the Titans in the first round.
Four answers:

Mike Mayock:"They have so many picks. Jon Robinson did a great job of trading down, both for this year and next year. I could see them using a pick at the top of two to get back up to six or seven and getting a guy like (Ole Miss tackle) Laremy Tunsil, who could still be there. Or even (Notre Dame tackle) Ronnie Stanley, who I would put in the same conversation. Jon Robinson would look like Superman if he goes from 1 to 15, and gets all of that capital, and then uses a little of it to go back up and get the same guy he would've gotten if he drafted at 1. So that is an intriguing conversation to me. The Titans have a lot of needs, but they also have a lot of picks. I think he'll be able to handle a lot of things in the draft."
Charles Davis:"To me, the best-case scenario is having someone that they truly target and really like slip a little bit, and when I say slip I mean is available any time after pick six or seven. And if that's the case they have some ammunition to go back up and get that guy because of the trade they made. If Ronnie Stanley or Laremy Tunsil somehow get to six or seven, then you'd have to consider coming back up there. Because if I am not mistaken, the owners of the team, Mrs. Amy Adams Strunk, said 'You better protect that young man back there in Marcus Mariota' or everyone is looking for a new job. So to me, getting a tackle like that early fits that pledge. Now if by some crazy reason (Florida State defensive back) Jalen Ramsey slipped, you'd have to consider getting him. I don't see that happening, but that would be a great scenario. But even sitting at 15, they could maybe end up with a choice of (Michigan State tackle) Jack Conklin or (Ohio State tackle) Taylor Decker, and if they want to go corner (Ohio State's) Eli Apple could be sitting there or William Jackson III from Houston or some other corners. So they could get a position of need there, too. I think no matter what happens the Titans are going to end up with a really good player."

Daniel Jeremiah:"I would say having one of those tackles still being here – Jack Conklin or Taylor Decker. I think that would be a great scenario for them. I have Conklin over Decker, so I would go that direction if they were both there. I think you could plug him in at right tackle and let Taylor Lewan stay at left. To me, I think Laremy Tunsil is the best player in the draft. So if there was one of the Titans could part some picks for, he'd be the one I would do. Jalen Ramsey, you can put him in that ballpark, too – he is my third overall player. But Tunsil to me, he'd be a great guy to land because with the quarterback the Titans have, it's all about keeping him protected."
Bucky Brooks:** "Best-case scenario would be being able to pick up a right tackle to shore up the offensive line.  Ownership has appeared to make it a mandate – they want to make sure Marcus Mariota is protected. So best-case scenario would be Jack Conklin or Taylor Decker, having both those guys available and being able to pick. At No.1, you want to hit a home run, and is where they were a few weeks ago. But if you believe there is not a big difference in the offensive tackles at the top of the board – meaning 1, 2, 3 or 4 – then you have to make that move. They made that move and I think it's going to work out for them."

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