Draft Analyst Breaks Down Six Vols in NFL Draft


PHILADELPHIA – Over the past two seasons, the University of Tennessee hasn't had a single player taken in the NFL Draft.

But that streak is about to end. And in a big way.

The Vols are expected to have multiple players selected in this year's draft, including some in the early rounds.

NFL Network's Charles Davis, who played defensive back at UT, knows the prospects well.

Here's his thumbnail on UT's top prospects, and when they could be picked:


Quarterback Josh Dobbs**

"Josh Dobbs ascended, starting with the bowl game against Nebraska. I think from that time on his momentum just really jumped. And when people started having one-on-ones and sit downs with him, I think that is when it really jumped for Josh because he is that impressive as an individual. I thought he had a great week at Senior Bowl, kept getting better. So he has gone from being a 6th, 7th round, free agent guy last season to a guy who could possibly go on Day 2, which is second or third round. I still would not be surprised to see him go Day 3, but the Dak Prescott thing helped. Because he and Dak are similar type players, although Dak is thicker and stouter. But you don't want to miss on a guy like that after Dak did what he did, so it might actually give Josh a round bump, maybe."


Defensive end Derek Barnett**

"Forget the stopwatches, forget the testing. Just put in the tape and watch him play, watch him go through drills. He is not going to beat you that way, he is not going to wow you that way, but when you watch him play, boy, he is pretty good. I know people talked about how he weighed this, is a little stiff, a little that. But sometimes we just nitpick. I think he is fluid enough of an athlete and he knows how to get home to the quarterback. So I think he's a first-rounder all day long."


Running back Alvin Kamara**

"He will have first-round grades from a good number of people, but will probably go in the second-round just based on how this draft looks like it's going to fall. But he is an NFL 2017 running back. He is exactly what you are looking for – he can run it, he can catch it, and get him in space in the return game."

Receiver Josh Malone

"He is the one that I am really locked in on, thinking he is going to impress more people than what people know. I talked to a scout the other day who said he's got a second-round grade on him. And in recent years with Tennessee receivers – Robert Meachem was a first-round pick, Justin Hunter was a second-round pick. They never really got to the top of the game, where people thought they would be. But I think Malone may be under-drafted, but maybe outperform where he's picked."


Linebacker Jalen Reeves-Maybin**

"I love him because he is a 2017 linebacker – he can run. Look at the Falcons last year. Deion Jones undersized in the middle, De'Vondre Campbell undersized on the outside. Both of them had a significant impact on their defense getting better over the last half of the year. Being able to run is huge. So Reeves-Maybin, if the shoulders check out and the whole deal, then I think he can be a steal for someone."

Defensive back Cam Sutton

"People have to figure out where they want to play him. I think he can be a nickel corner/slot corner. And he can hold up on the outside. His speed is not going to be overwhelming, but I think he runs well enough. I think he is one of those guys you can slide around a little bit, and he can play safety, too. And since you are going to be in nickel and sub-packages more than you are going to be in base, he is a big-time pick up and I know people have really been impressed by him. I wouldn't be surprised to see the Roll Call for him start in Round 2 because of his versatility."

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