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DL Nick Bosa


Q. What was with third down on the field tonight?

NICK BOSA: I don't know. I have to watch it.

Q. Did they do anything, maybe double teamed a lot. Were they doing anything different or more of the same?

NICK BOSA: It was max pro the whole game.

Q. Did you expect that?

NICK BOSA: Yeah, definitely. We got to do a better job of figuring a way to counter it.

Q. How frustrating was it getting in the end zone, (regarding third-and-longs)?

NICK BOSA: It was tough, especially towards the end. Those are the plays that win games, and when you don't make them, it's definitely deflating.

Q. Is part of it having the three days rest?

NICK BOSA: I mean, there is never -- you're never going to feel great on Thursday night, but they had the same amount of time, so can't use that as an excuse.

Q. Seems like things were looking better for you on defense earlier in the game. Anything that changed from them as the game progressed?

NICK BOSA: Yeah, just the third downs were big. I think we stopped the run pretty well all night. They tried to stick with it, and, yeah, we've just got to get off the field.

Q. Nick, how do you assess the mood of the team? It was such a high on Sunday afternoon, and now here you are on Thursday night.

NICK BOSA: I think we're going to be fine. We've been through a lot this year. We've had a lot of tough losses, and we're going to try and make this the last one.

Q. Not that there is any good or bad or worse loss, but does one like sting a little bit more?

NICK BOSA: It's always tough when you're away, especially far away and you got to fly home, when you feel like you should win. But it's the NFL. It's not always fun.

Q. (No microphone.)

NICK BOSA: Yeah, I didn't see it, but that was about as obvious as it gets. Would've been a nice sack, but got tackled there. Good play by him. Better than the sack-fumble.

Q. Is it more frustrating when you're that close to getting a sack several times?

NICK BOSA: Is it more frustrating?

Q. Yeah.

NICK BOSA: It's definitely a little frustrating.

Q. What was your assessment of (indiscernible)?

NICK BOSA: When you have a tight end staying in to help the entire game it helps them, so there weren't -- it was tough to get an assessment.

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