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DL Khalil Davis

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Saturday, Aug. 21, 2021

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(On how much he's been able to help his chances to make the roster with his performance in the preseason)

"A lot – I feel like the preseason games [are] very crucial in helping the coaches see what they want to see out of you. Each week I've just been trying to get better. Figure out what my coach wants to see this week, and you know, improve on that."

(On how he felt about his quarterback pressure)

"It did feel good. It would have felt better, you know, got him down or [got a] clean sack, but it was still fun to be out there and get a pressure."

(On the importance of the reps he has gotten during the preseason)

"It's very crucial, especially with the limited reps that I do get – I've got to make something out of those. But, like I said, I'm on special teams, you know, all four teams so I'm just trying to do what I can to make this team. So, if that's special teams, D-Line – anywhere I can do it I'm going to do it."

(On the biggest lessons he's taken over the last year)

"Probably just from watching the older guys – it's just whatever the coaches didn't see out of you last year, you make that an emphasis. So, each year you're getting better at something new so that coaches don't have to tell you, 'Oh, you need to get better at this again.' You just correct those and make new mistakes, so they can correct you." 

(On the chemistry that has been built on the defensive line)

"Yeah, it's kind of just I'm the little brother. You know I'm around all those guys, but I just try to soak up knowledge and Pat [O'Connor] has been very helpful for special teams. 'Nacho' [Rakeem Nunez-Roches], [Ndamukong] Suh, Steve [McLendon] – those guys just talk to me every day, and it's really cool because every practice they tell me something I can get better on. It's just awesome to be around those vets and soak up all the knowledge."

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