DL Jurrell Casey

Monday, Sept 14, 2020

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On what happened on the last drive and in the game

"They made a couple good plays. Penalties really, that's what killed us. We made a couple big plays then came back and got the penalty, they got down there. A couple missed tackles. All around just got to execute a little bit better."

On facing Titans RB Derrick Henry

"We tried to do our best. At the end of the day we lost, so obviously it wasn't good enough. The biggest thing is we just got to come back and get ready to rally for next week against the Steelers."

On facing his former team and struggling closing out the game

"First game jitters, I guess. We had a lot of mistakes on our side. It was definitely whatever facing them, attack this game like it was any other game. Tried to come out here and help the team win. We just didn't make enough big plays to get it done."

On if he thought Titans K Stephen Gostkowski was going to miss the last kick

"Definitely, easy. He missed what, four or five of them earlier, so it felt like he could have missed it. But, with this close of a game you can't expect him to miss them all. They drove down there and got in good field position for him and he capitalized when they needed him to make it the most."

On the Broncos' pass rush and getting one sack tonight

"I thought we was pretty good on the pass rush. I think we tried to get to him a couple times, they just got the ball out. With an offense like this, that don't really try to attack down field with medium routes, we couldn't get to him fast enough. Got two batted balls. Try to get the hands up when they were throwing short, quick passes, but one sack was definitely not enough."

On the Broncos facing a short turnaround before playing the Steelers on the road

"It's the pros. You got to get ready to go. That's all it is. Rehab, recover and get ready to roll."