DL Joey Bosa


Can you break down what happened on defense and what could have gone differently?

I don't think there's some magical answer that people keep asking about. I think it's the little things that every single one of us needs to do a little better. A few plays here —which I mean, I've said this probably a bunch of times after a loss but—a few plays here, a few plays there, being a little smarter on some penalties or whatever it is, and I think we come away with a victory. But yeah, it sucks any time.

A lot of high expectations going into this season. What do you think is missing?

Like I just said, there's no magical answer, I think, piece that's missing. It's all of us doing our job a little bit better. Whether it's winning a one-on-one, whether it's not fouling, whether it's playing the run a little better, whatever it is. I think we have all the right pieces and the right guys, it's just about, like I said, the little things.

What do you think of the third-down pressure today? Seems like you guys got to (Ryan) Tannehill quite a bit.

Yeah, I think we had a good rush plan, mixing up the games inside and trying to rush a little better, fuller as one. I wish we could have got them down a couple more times. I think that would have turned the tide completely. They have a hell of a defense, obviously. It was a battle of defenses for a while, but they figured things out after those three third-down stops, and kind of got rolling a little bit on offense. So, it's tough. I mean, we'll obviously get to watch the film and really dissect it a little bit more. But like I said, I think it's just a few things here and there, whether it's winning a one-on-one, taking advantage of our opportunities when we have them.

Physically, you're fine?

I feel fine. It was a little strain last week. But to be able to recover and get back out there and at least help my team a little bit meant a lot to me. But yeah, just wanted to be smart. The rotation was a little weird, a couple of times I should have been out there probably on third-down, but Coach (Brandon Staley) rightfully so, was just being smart about it. I feel bad that I was down at all today, but I think it was smart, watching the plays. I should be able to come back strong next week.

So you came out of there fine?

Yeah, totally fine.

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