DL Jeffery Simmons


Sunday, Nov. 8, 2020

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Q.*Jeff, good afternoon. How big of a confidence boost was it that on that fourth down stop early for the defense, you guys make the stop and there was a little bit of celebration at that point. How much did that maybe help you build on that and the rest of the first half?*

JEFFREY SIMMONS: I think that's the thing about playing defense. You have to build on your momentum and just by us flying to the ball, doing our job, especially up front, knocking the offensive line back, linebackers coming up, DB's doing their job, everybody doing their job. That's what we're about. We came into this week, we have to, KB (Kevin Byard), he said it early this week, we have to have that swag on D, we have to bring the energy. We have to bring the juice and all day today, defense we had that juice. We did what we talked about and building on that, and then end up making the fourth down stop early in the game and that just helped us out more with the juice. So, that's what we talk about all week bringing the energy, so. 

Q.*You guys had a couple of new guys playing along the front four with Wyatt (Ray) and Derrick Roberson, what's your role as a veteran who starts every game when those new guys come in, just sort of make sure that it's a seamless transition?*

JEFFREY SIMMONS: I mean them guys, they've been practicing, they've been with us for awhile, and they know that we depending on them to come in and help us out especially up front. But the thing is with us especially on third down, we do a lot of things that interact with us inside and them guys on outside and the main thing is communication. That's all we talk about. In order to get a call, you got to give a call. So that's our thing. We have to build on that our communication, no matter who in there. It could be Harold Landry, guys like that who have been starting with us and playing every week, and that's what we talk about, just communicate, give them a call, I get a call. I get a call, I give them a call, so that's just a big thing, communication for us. 

Q.*As you're a young guy trying to, you've talked about wanting to be great. Is there anyone you've talked to that's been in this league or currently in this league about what it takes to go from good to great? And do you feel like you're making that leap right now?*

JEFFREY SIMMONS: My mentor is my uncle Jason Hatcher and as I grew up, he's been in my life and even when in college. that's the one of the guys that I worked out with over the summer. Just having him in my corner, just after the games, or through the week, he's checking in on me. During the summer, I'm working out with him, like I said, since college and even in high school. Just a guy like that that I know who he played 10 years in the league and you know, he know about the league, not just on the field but off the field. He helped me out to be a man. Just in my ear trying to give me tips and how to be dominate, especially on the field because he did it for 10 years. So that's one of the guys that I always, if I got a question or whatever it is, I just go to him. Like I said, that's my uncle and so he's just a phone call away. 

Q.*Where do you think you're making that jump? What things are you doing now that's helping you make that jump?*

JEFFREY SIMMONS: Honestly, I'm just taking it day by day. It's not one of them things that you're thinking about especially during the season. Especially during the season, it's like how can I be dominant every single game or every even at practice? How can I be a leader? How can I take that next step as you're saying to make my game better each week? I'm taking it day by day, no matter what it is, on and off the field, in the meeting room, when I'm at home watching extra film, stuff like that. I think that plays a big part in this, especially in this league. One, taking care of your body, but studying plays a big part in playing in this league. 

Q.*No (Jadeveon) Clowney out there today. Obviously, (Vic) Beasley no longer with the team but you guys were able to get a lot of pressure, some sacks that maybe you hadn't before. What were some of the keys to that?*

JEFFREY SIMMONS: Just doing what we do. Of course, we want more sacks. We talk about it every week. We talk about who going to be in the back field, who going to get the sack first. I think the thing was just the energy coming from the guys. Everybody was hyped up. Everybody had their energy and just doing our job. It comes down to winning your one-on-ones. It comes down to coordinating your rushes and make sure you're on the same page and, like I said earlier, just communication. You got guys who want to be out there on our defense and everybody, every time they get their opportunity, they making it happen. So, I'm just next man up. Of course we wish we had (Jadeveon) Clowney out there with us but, hopefully, he'll be out there with us next week. But, like I said, them other guys came in, (Wyatt) Ray and Robie (Derrick Roberson) and all them guys. I'm just happy we could be able to have a next man up mentality. So just keep it rolling. 

Q.*How close did you come to getting the pick and then did you feel like you made up for that with the fumble recovery?*

JEFFREY SIMMONS: I was pretty upset. I dove for it and I kind of fell on it. I went back to the receiver rule, the ground can't make you fumble, so we should have challenged it. But, no, Harold (Landry) made a great play. He tipped it. It could have been a touchdown, but we think about the bigger picture. He tipped it. I ended up dropping it, true enough, but still saved a touchdown. But we look at the bigger picture all the time. But I should have caught that. 

Q.*With the Bears' situation up front coming in, how much pressure did you and DaQuan (Jones) put on yourselves to dominate the line of scrimmage today?*

JEFFREY SIMMONS: Honestly, it's kind of like I said, that mentality we had coming into the game. We know they were going to be down offensive linemen, but at the same time, we have to have that mentality that no matter who across the ball from us. We're going to have to dominate. Props to DaQuan (Jones) today. He had a hell of a game. I told him after the game, you did your job. Especially when you getting single blocked, that's what happens. Like I said, DaQuan (Jones) is a hell of a player. He's been in this league for awhile. I learn from him and we ask each other questions. So that's what we are here for. That's what we get paid to do and happy for him today. Today it was there, so. 

Q.*How much do you believe that a little bit of change sometimes, whether that be players or what have you, can change a unit? On the same point you had mentioned bringing the energy today. How do you guys start to consistently bring the energy, bring this type of play out in every single game?*

JEFFREY SIMMONS: Honestly, I don't control the change. It's whoever is on the field with me, I'm going to try to bring their energy with them and they're going to bring the energy we need. You feed off each other. But I think that just by having that energy, especially with a lot of new guys playing today, the bigger thing is communication and everybody did that and that just played a part in the urgency. Everybody was flying around having fun today and that's what our defense is about, that's what we want to get back to, just having that juice and flying around. 

Q.*After a couple of losses would you describe the feeling today as relief that you guys played closer to what you expect, or do you feel like you guys are back on track now?*

JEFFREY SIMMONS: It's not relief. We don't like losing for sure, but we should have been 7-0 or whatever it was, 8-0, whatever. But I think that the thing is with us we have to just stay on that track. We have to stay on the grind and have that mindset that we're going to bring that energy every game. We're going to bring that swagger, especially on defense. I can speak for the defensive side right now, but as a whole, no matter what it is, it's a team win and we just all bring it all together and we're going to keep it on the roll, so. 

Q.*You and Desmond (King) are frat brothers. How much was him being able to come in and just get involved with that defense so quickly, how much, how impressive was that for you?*

JEFFREY SIMMONS: It was impressive. That's what we talked about, even like, what Vrabes (Mike Vrabel) was saying, just treat everybody like they just got here, over communicate. I think them guys on the back end helped him out a lot, especially coming in on a short week, knowing that he is going to have to play this week. He did a great job coming in trying to help out this defense, especially learning the defense that fast and I think he did a hell of a job today. I'm happy for him and especially his first game, he got a touchdown, so what better feeling than that?