DL Denico Autry


(on how it feels to be AFC South champions)

It feels good to actually get one. It is the first time in my career. Feels pretty good.

(on how the defense performed against the Dolphins offense)

It was great for the secondary to cover on the back end. That is part of the game, is to get into the pocket and disrupt the pocket.

(on how important it is to finish the season with a win and get the number one seed)

It is going to be really important. It is something all the guys on the team want to lock in. It is really important to lock in and focus on Houston.

(on winning division titles is the standard now for the organization)

Yeah, it is a standard. Come in every week, take advantage of every week and get better and build on to Sunday.

(on how confident the defense is going forward)

We are a confident lot. Just to come together and keep playing like we have been and being the defense we need to be. It will all be great.