DL Denico Autry


Speak on your performance today.

"Just doing what I worked on all week. Worked our keys. Stopped the run and get inside the pocket."

Mike Vrabel said at times you kind of get in your own way, but he was really excited to see you have a game like you did today. What do you think he meant by that?

"I take stuff to heart. I take things serious. If I make a bad play, I might let it linger, so that's what he means by just let things go and just playing ball."

With that taking it to heart, what does it mean to have a performance like that against your former team? Is that something that you kind of turned up a bit?

"Oh yeah, it's always good to come back here and kick a little butt. It's something I look forward to doing every year."

How much did you take it upon yourself to be a pass game wrecker today and getting in the backfield?

"Just like I said. Follow my keys, get inside the pocket. That's all I was focused on."

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