DL Denico Autry


(on the defense getting pressure on Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes)

That was the number one key this week, put pressure on the quarterback. That's what we went out this week and practiced. Getting to the quarterback.

(on the defense getting turnovers today against the Kansas City offense)

It was great for the guys to get those turnovers that we hadn't been getting. That's what we're here for. That's what the defense is here for, to get the ball and give it back to the offense so they can execute, score with it. So, it was great.

(on the defense covering receivers and rushing the passer today against the Chiefs)

It was major. I really can't see behind me, but I noticed it was happening, because he (Patrick Mahomes) was just standing there, looking for someone to open. It's major, showing that everybody can rush, from all four spots. 

(on if the last two weeks were what he envisioned when signing with Tennessee)

I just knew it was a great team and I just wanted to come be a part of that.

(on if it helps knowing he has the confidence of the coaching staff)

It helps a lot, but at the end of the day, I just come to do my job and be a pass rusher.

(on if facing two good quarterbacks in consecutive weeks caused him to elevate his game)

Somewhat. I just knew we had to put pressure on both of the two quarterbacks we faced the last two games, so it was major.