Defensive Coordinator Jerry Gray on Week 3


(on the pressure placed on Baltimore QB Joe Flacco by Tennessee's defensive linemen)

The guys are active pass rushers here. You get a chance to inherit some great players. We got (Derrick) Morgan, we got (Jason) Jones back last week, so that helped a lot. When you can win one-on-one, or stuff like that, it gives you a chance too. When you blitz, you should get home. A lot of guys have done that, and hopefully, we can continue that.

(on improvements at defending the run between Week 1 and Week 2)

Well the big thing is we kept fitting the right way. There were no gaps that were uncontested. In Jacksonville, we over-pursued. We did some things that you've got to play a little slower on. They're a counter team, so you've got to read the pulls and stuff like that.

(on Denver's offensive plan under new coach John Fox)

They're a run-oriented offense. He knows if you can run the football and play great defense, you can win a lot of football games. They've got Willis McGahee. I was with him in Buffalo, really tough load coming down hill.

(on Denver QB Kyle Orton)

I think (he's) one of the smarter quarterbacks that we've been against to date. He knows everything, he gets the offense in the right position, he knows a lot about what the defense is going to give him. He can make all the throws. I don't think he gets enough credit for what he can do.

(on the play of Cortland Finnegan)

When I first saw him on film, I knew he was an aggressive player. To me, you get a chance to put a guy in a position where he plays—a nickel back is almost like a linebacker, it gives you a chance to blitz and cover, and then you can play corner. I've always been under the influence that you put your best player at nickel, even though he may be your best corner, and then he can blitz for you, especially if he's a tough guy and he's one of those tough guys that we need on our field to make plays.

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