DE Oda Odeyingbo


You only allowed six points in the final six drives. What changed? Anything that was said on the sideline?

"I don't think anything changed. I think it was just us understanding what position we were in and what needed to be done to put ourselves in position to win the game. I think it just came down to our defense being what our defense is and trying to execute and put our team in the best position we could to win the game."

Understanding that situation, did it feel like a playoff game?

"Yeah that's what it feels like. Obviously, it's not. With it being a divisional game and having lost to them earlier in the season, it did feel like one of those do-or-die type games. Obviously, we still have a long season to play and that's how we're treating it. But obviously, it's a tough loss."

Are you feeling healthy enough to get back out there in four days and play yet again?

"Yeah that's what I plan on doing. I do feel healthy, I feel good after this game. That's going to be what I'm doing."