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DE Myles Garrett


I know it's only week three, but did we get a glimpse, of what a fully formed version of this defense could look like?

"I think it's a pretty good glimpse and just got to keep on showing it. Like you said, it's Week three and every week is a new week. We got to be consistent. I got to keep everybody on the field healthy and got to adjust and adapt to each team. Got to know the game plan and attack and execute just like we did."

It seemed like every move you made today worked. How good did that feel when you know that you can go in your bag and do whatever you want?

"It's funny you say that because I was just talking to JOK (Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah) how the moves I felt were really going to work didn't work. And then some of the moves I'm just like, the hell with it, I'm just going to burn them off the edge. And those worked. I was like, sometimes you just got to keep on attacking."

The eurostep wasn't working?

"I eurostepped right into a chip and busted my nose. So I was like, all right, enough of the eurostep. We're just going to take things a little bit simpler."

I know you're not into individual performances, but where does this performance by you today rank in some of the games you've had here?

"Again, like you said, I don't think about the individual performances. I think it's great that I'm able to make big plays for the team, and that's what it's all about, putting them first and helping us get in that win column and haven't thought about how this ranks up to any of the other games. Just happy to be on the winning side of things. Happy to make my guys proud and make this coaching staff proud."

Myles, you guys knew you had to stop Derrick Henry, so what was the key to making that work as well as it did?

"I mean, catch him before he gets going. Make him stop his feet, change angles. He gets his feet going in one direction. He's a locomotive, so just trying to get him a little bit off balance and make sure that he turns his shoulders to the sideline and goes east and west."

Myles, how great was it for you guys as a defense to see Deshaun (Watson) and the offense rebounding on the other side of the ball and going out there and kind of feeding off what you guys were doing?

"We knew they would. They're too dynamic on that side of the ball to not do so. And the offensive line is great. Skill players are great. We have so much talent on that side of the ball, it's just fun to watch and it's just a matter of when. And they start off a little slow, and then they got things rolling and they helped us out on defense."

It looked like you got some more one one-on-one looks early and you took advantage of them. Were you surprised that they tried to block you like that?

"I mean, they got to try to do what they do. If that's not their offense, then got to do your own thing. But realized that one-on-one I was making some plays, creating some pressure, being disruptive and they changed up a little bit and started max protecting and doing stuff like that. But can't expect every offense to want to give one on one. You can't expect every offense to go outside of themselves and start six-man protecting, seven-man protecting and chipping. So when they come have to be able to make those plays and be ready."

Myles, you guys are 51 and six at home outscoring your opponents. How good does it feel to really dominate at home and just hear the crowd just going crazy like that?

"It feels great. The crowd was so involved into the game, so passionate, so excited. And you want to feed into that. Whether that's getting your guys open, taking a pick for them, taking the double team or making a play yourself. You just want somebody to keep feeding that crowd and keep them rocking and rolling."

Myles, I know guys have talked about Jim (Schwartz) saying he wants you to lead the league as a defense in swag and things like that, those intangibles. What do you think fueled that difference, that guys have really bought into that and what's allowed you guys to kind of buy into that?

"Yeah, I mean, we got a lot of guys with a lot of swagger. You've seen it, the way Ogbo (Okoronkwo) and Z (Za'Darius Smith) walked in here to all those DBs. Those guys, they feel that they embody that. So someone who is going to nurture that and bring that out of them, you couldn't ask for a better match. And he's really helped bring the most out of these guys and he's going to continue to."

What did it feel like to wear the defensive big play chain or whatever you guys are calling it, into the locker room at halftime?

"Felt good. I wanted to force the ball out on that last one. I was reaching for it, but he bobbled a little bit and kept it. But at the end of the day got him off the field without any points. And that's what really feels good. As far as the chain, that's something that the D line does as far as each person has a link and we're only starting at the weakest link and we got each other's back and I had our back on that play."

Can you take us through the sack there in the first half?

"That was one of those where it just got punched in the mouth on the chip. So was just going to turn and burn. And sometimes the guys chipping sometimes leads for a route. So I'm not going to change whether you hit me as hard as you can. That doesn't bother me. I'm going to continue to rush the same way. And I think Ogbo was on my side, and he stepped a little bit more shallow to help with Ogbo. And I feel if anyone steps shallow with me, I'm taking off the edge and I'm winning. So really, I'm just disappointed myself that I didn't get the ball right there"

What was the mood going in at half?

"Keep it going. That's the kind of momentum you need to take into half, knowing that you're up again. Keep making plays. We can do this all day."

What was the matchup that really kind of favored you guys? How did you feel that the matchup favored you guys from top to bottom on the defensive side? What was it about that matchup?

"I just don't think there's a mismatch on really anyone in any offense, because we have guys who are able to run and hit in every position. So these guys are super talented and always looking forward to the challenge, always ready to compete. And we look forward to seeing guys who want to be physical and want to play as hard because that only rouses up more."

The Titans only scoring drive was…they had negative nine yards the entire drive. What does that say about the defense?

"Have an opportunity to be special, but you got to keep on earning it, keep on putting it out on paper, doing it on the field day in and day out doesn't just happen on Sundays. It happens throughout the week. How you prepare, how you work day in and day out, how you take care of your body, those things, those all equate to what happens on Sunday. And guys are really keyed in getting the most out of each other."

Considering the huge change on offense with Nick (Chubb) going out, what did you think of Deshaun's day and the potential significance of it moving forward?

"He's only getting better and better. He's only gaining more chemistry with his guys and starting to adjust to the pace of the game again. The guy was out for a while, so he's got to take his time again to his groove, and he's finding it. And it's perfect timing because I think we're settling in our own way as well."

Could you feel the pressure that you guys bring up front, wearing on opponents as the games go on? Especially in the second half? Just like Tennessee was really getting tired of seeing you guys back there, and it just was wearing on them. Can you feel that as a player?

"Yeah, you know, when that momentum is going that way. Especially up front, when you're punishing guys, you're making a long day for them, whether it's physically or you're just beating them with hands and finesse, guys who are just committed to continue attacking. And that really made the difference because just kept on wearing them down, and we were able to keep on getting consistent pressure, especially in the second half."

There are a couple of plays we get a backup into the dog pile, the tight ends kept shifting with you, and then they had to take the time out, first of all. What do you think about that?

"That's a first for me. I remember a tight end following me here with the Steelers last year, but never seen two guys follow me across the line. And I was going to keep on messing around with them, seeing if they couldn't snap the ball like that. So I was just having a little bit of fun and wherever they settled, I was going the other way. So we're just going to play in this cat and mouse game all day."

I think the next play you got the sack, but looks like they could have called a hold on you in the end. So did you think you got held and would you prefer a safety or sack?

"I prefer the scoring play. Forget the sack. We get the two points and the ball back. No, we'll take that any day. And it might have been a hold, it might not. I'm not worried about that. I'm just happy we came away with the ball."

Did it feel like today was a day where you're going to have a game like that going into warm ups?

"I'm not even going to lie today warming up, nothing was different. Honestly, my hands were bad. I was like, 'Dang, my hands and run are not where they need to be.' I was like offsides on playing while were warming up over at D Line, but thing came to my head, I was like, 'Kobe dropped 81 and he didn't feel any different. So wash it out.'"

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