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DB Desmond King


(on recording interceptions)

I'm just doing my job, doing what's expected. The defense played really well today. We played together. I think we played really well together all four quarters and we didn't give up. We bent, but we didn't give up. We fought back and just kept doing our job.

(on what the third and fourth-down stops meant for the outcome of the game)

Just showing the chip that we play with, the grit that we play with when we take the field. It's literally all or nothing. We play every play as it's a critical play. Every down is critical for us and that's how we approach it each week.

(on the defensive play today)

Tough, smart and physical. We didn't do anything that could jeopardize the team. We played together. We did our job creating turnovers. We got five of them today, and we just helped the team get over the hump.

(on the second interception)

Just reading Tennessee. Saw the quarterback the whole time just staring him down, and I think that's what Coach Lovie (Smith) preaches. That's where the ball is going to go, wherever the quarterback is looking. So, I just felt that hand come off the ball and I was like, 'That's my chance to go.'

(on if quarterback Ryan Tannehill played like this on tape)

We just knew he's more of a play action type of quarterback and just drop backs, it's a weakness of his. So, that's just something that we just kind of picked up watching film and I knew playing with him last year, just little things about him and how he does and what he looks for during the play.

(on if the interceptions meant more against the Titans)

No, that's just me simply doing my job. That's what I'm supposed to do. That's what's expected out of me. That's what's expected out of our team. We've got high standards and that's what Coach Lovie (Smith) preaches each and every week.

(on if reading the quarterback took time collectively for the defense to understand)

Yeah, absolutely. This team is fairly new. Everybody on the defensive side, offensive side, we're coming from all different types of places and different defensive schemes and he brought us here for a reason. We've got the potential to be something special and it took a while for us to kind of learn it. I feel like now the second half of the season is coming in, it's starting to kind of mesh together a lot more now.

(on whether this style is more man-focused)

It's a difference, for sure, playing inside and outside, but with this scheme that we play it's a lot more pressure on the outside guys because it's more isolated.

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