DB Dane Cruikshank


(on holding the Chiefs to zero touchdowns for the first time since Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes became the starter)

This is our house. We feel like we have to protect our house, you know what I'm saying? We came in with a great gameplan. Everybody was aware and alert. I'm sure there are things we are going to watch on film that we could have corrected. Everybody played as one unit. When you play like that, this is the outcome.

(on how much easier the secondary's job was with the Titans front seven applying pressure)

Most definitely, I tip my hat to those guys. Week in and week out those guys continue to show up and play their butts off. We try to back them up and make plays on the ball as much as we can, but obviously it works hand-in-hand. They do their job up front and it makes our job easier in the back.

(on the Titans winning back-to-back emotional games at home against two good teams)

Since I've been on this team, we've always had a chip on our shoulder. I feel like we have not always been respected in this league, and we're trying to earn that respect, game by game. But like I said, we all believe in this unit, in this team, and in this organization. We just continue to go out there every Sunday or Monday or whatever it is, and just try to prove to everyone that we're here, and we're here to stay.

(on the defense being successful after facing two of the league's premier quarterbacks in consecutive weeks)

We come into every game and we don't care who the quarterback is. Obviously, I tip my hat to those guys who are great players. But it doesn't matter who we are facing. We are going to have a great gameplan. We're going to try to execute. We're going to go out and play hard, and play as a unit, and that's what we did today.

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