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DB Andrew Adams


What were your thoughts at that point when you hand the ball in your hands?

Score, just score. I mean, you are still running, the adrenaline's going. So, just score. I think that's really the mindset, and don't get caught.

Do you ever take a peek at the scoreboard to see if anybody is chasing you?

No, I was kind of peeking behind me to make sure nobody was close, and I didn't see anybody.

As far as how the defense played today, just kind of suffocating and how this team wants to play?

I just think this past week of practice communication was great and today the communication was great. And I think that's what it comes down to, all 11 guys being on the same page playing fast, physical, and that's what we did today. 

You and Terrance (Mitchell) both signed papers on the same day and you both had turnovers today. How nice is it to come here and get that opportunity, not only to be on the roster but get to play on the field.

Yeah, I was so happy for Mitch (Terrance Mitchell). I know how hard he works day in and day out. He's great at punching out the ball, and for him to do that at the end of the game, it was huge. Just more power to him. So, we did come in together. I know we've been grinding, learning the defense, and now it's paying off. 

Do you guys kind of feel like you're sort of like you got each other's back because you came in the same day?

Yeah, definitely. Our lockers are right next to each other, so we talk. He plays corner, I play safety, so we are in the same room. So, I think we kind of have that and we try to push each other to be at our best every day, so I think that pays off.

What is it about this place where, you know, guys can come in, you and other guys will get out there and make plays?

Like I said before, it's just the culture in the building. Vrabes (Mike Vrabel), the staff from top down does a great job of embracing everybody, not just Derrick Henry or Ryan Tannehill. From top to bottom they coach everybody all out. They just embrace everybody as a family. So, I think that really makes the difference in feeling wanted, and being here and being able to help the team is great.

Is that unique you think among the rest of the league?

No, I mean, I feel like every team has their culture. And I just think the culture here is – I would say it is unique, honestly. I would say it is unique. It's not everywhere. There's other places that have a great culture. But I think here, (it) is very evident and you can see it.

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