Dare to Compare?: Comparing Marcus Mariota's First Four NFL Seasons to Titans QBs Steve McNair, Vince Young


NASHVILLE – Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota is headed into his fifth NFL season, and it's a pivotal one.

In his first four NFL seasons, Mariota has displayed flashes of brilliance, and mediocrity. Injuries have interrupted his progress.

So it made me wonder about Mariota's career start compared to some of the franchise's other first-round picks at the position since the team became the Titans.

Here's a look at how Mariota's first four seasons compare to quarterbacks Steve McNair, a 1995 pick of the Houston Oilers, and Vince Young, a first-round pick of the Titans in 2006.

If you're wondering about quarterback Jake Locker, well, he played just 30 career games over four seasons before retiring.


Steve McNair (45 games, 38 starts from 1995-1998)
Stats: 634-of-1,130, 7,659 yards, 56.1 %, 6.8 pass yds/att, 170.2 pass yards per game, 38 TDs, 28 INTs, 78.0 rating, sacked 79 times, 23-22 record.

Vince Young (45 games, 39 starts from 2006-2009)
Stats: 596-of-1,034, 6,843 yards, 57.6 %, 6.6 pass yds/att, 152.1 pass yards per game, 32 TDs, 39 INTs, 72.3 rating, sacked 62 times, 27-18 record.

Marcus Mariota (56 games, 55 starts from 2015-2018)
Stats: 1,015-of-1,605, 12,004 yards, 63.2 %, 7.5 pass yds/att, 214.4 pass yards per game, 69 TDs, 42 INTs, 89.4 rating, sacked 130 times, 28-28 record.

Steve McNair
220 attempts, 1,440 yards, 6.55 rush average, 14 rush TDs.

Vince Young
239 attempts, 1,255 yards, 5.25 rush average, 12 rush TDs.

Marcus Mariota
218 attempts, 1,270 yards, 5.83 rush average, 11 rush TDs.

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