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Conference Call: S Markelle Martin


(on how his knee has recovered from surgery)

It feels good, I've been running and training all week.  Before the draft I'd go out and run, so I feel good, I feel great.

(on how important it was for him to workout for some teams before the draft after his knee surgery)

It was very important.  I understood the timing of the injury when it happened and just the fact that it's better to get some numbers on the board than not to have any at all.  Without proper training or anything, as soon as I got healthy I wanted to go out there and run and show the guys I still have a competitive side to me and I still have the ability to run and to compete.

(on if he thinks his knee injury caused him to drop in the draft)

In the beginning I knew I was going to drop a couple of rounds, but to drop so far I had no idea.  As the rounds started to go by I texted my agent and he told me it was probably because of the knee.  It's something I understand and am okay with.  I'd rather it be something that can be fixed than something you can't fix.  My knee can be fixed, I can really get back to 100 percent, so I would rather slip for something like that than for some other issue.

(on where he thought he should have been drafted)

I have no idea—anywhere.  I'm happy just to go.  You get your hopes up in the early rounds.  You kind of look at the early rounds and expect to go there, and you never really consider the lower rounds but I'm just excited to be a Titan and be a part of the franchise.

(on if he thought he'd go in the second round before injuring his knee)

Before the knee injury I heard anywhere from the second round to the third or fourth, but that was before my knee injury though.

(on if he was anxious waiting to be drafted)

It was kind of crazy.  I was excited to be watching the draft knowing that I had a chance, but as the rounds start to go you start getting a little anxious and then you start to get frustrated.  The thing that changes it all is the excitement when you see your name come across the screen, see an area code that you're not familiar with come across your phone.

(on what he brings to the Titans once he is fully recovered from his knee injury)

Getting on the field and competing—just going out there trying to be the best I can, and help the team out.  Whether that's on special teams or getting a chance to start later on, anything I can do to help I'm willing to do.

(on what his knee injury was officially)

I was doing a routine DB drill and when I went and planted I tore my meniscus, it was right after the Senior Bowl.  I think the timing of it was what was so bad, it wasn't just that the injury was so bad it was just the timing of everything that threw the whole process off for me.

(on whether his history of staying healthy at Oklahoma State helped ease injury concerns with NFL teams)

I think so.  I think just the fact I can play through anything.  I've been banged up and played through it.  I had a shoulder injury and I finished the whole season in 2010.  I show up and I don't complain, regardless of what injury I have I'm going to show up and give it 100 percent.

(on his coverage skills as a safety)

I think that's one of my best attributes.  I think that's one of the things I do well, and a reason why I was able to be drafted.  I can cover, that is something I am comfortable doing.  I don't mind coming down and being a nickel corner and just putting myself in position to make plays.

(on how he did against Kendall Wright in college)

I just wanted to be physical with Kendall.  We competed on the field, Baylor was a great game so I just wanted to line up against him because he was the best player on their offense, and the competitive side of me wanted to lineup and go against him.

(on if he's excited about being teammates with Kendall Wright after competing against him in college)

I think we're going to help each other out.  He's a shifty guy, he makes quick moves, he's explosive so I think that's going to help me a lot in my cover skills just perfecting the things I know how to do and helping me with the things I don't know how to do.  I'm a good cover safety, so having the chance to work together everyday and we're just going to make each other better.

(on if Kendall Wright ever got behind him during a game in college)

No, we kept him in front of us, we wanted to limit his damage as much as we could.

(on what he knows about Titans safeties and Michael Griffin)

Growing up in Texas you look up to the guys that come from Texas. Those are top-notch guys. I look forward to learning some things from him.

(on if he has followed Michael Griffin's career)

Yes, when I was younger and he was in college. As far as when he left college, I just focused on the position I was in. I really stayed away from watching as much NFL for the simple fact I kind of analyze it more than just watch it.

(on how he feels about the possibility of BCS playoffs)

I would love to have had that opportunity while I was in college. I feel they have a lot of things that have to be fixed more than that. We fell short because of the system and we are okay with it. Of course, we would have loved to have that system last year.

(on how much he was able to limit Coby Fleener in the Fiesta Bowl)

We actually didn't get a chance to go against each other much. I think maybe the first or second series of the game he hurt his ankle and I didn't get a chance to really go against him.

(on his special teams experience)

Sophomore and junior year I played quite a bit. As my senior year came, our secondary coach was actually our special teams coach. He kind of pulled safeties off and started us at corners because of the lack of depth.

(on where he is used to lining up at safety)

I've done it all. I've been in the box, I've been nickel and corner. I've done it all.

(on how he thinks the Titans will use him)

I guess they are going to use me to my strengths, whether that be special teams or nickel or strong safety. Wherever they use me, I'm just happy to be on the team.

(on practicing against Justin Blackman and Dez Bryant)

It helped a lot. It's more frustrating than anything. You learn to use your technique and be patient going against those type of guys.

(on if he will change his answer about the best wide receiver in the draft now that Kendall Wright is his teammmate)

Obviously, you have to respect your teammates. There's no doubt he can do great things, stretch the field.

(on his 40 time)

I ran a 4.5 and a 4.60. I had no speed training after surgery and I wanted to run. I got a chance to run and that's what I put out there.

(on his numbers before the injury)

They were better. I was 4.47, 4.43.

(on if he knows any of the Titans players)

No, I can't say I do.

(on if he visited the Titans)

My position coach told me last year that the Titans were asking a lot of question my junior year and if I continued to play good. I kind of always had a little information that they were interested, not knowing how much.

(on if he will be ready for mini camp) I think I will. I haven't had a chance to go out and do a full day's worth of work. I'll know here in a couple of days. I'll make sure that I'm 100 percent.

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